Game set and match as credit cards replace Microsoft Points in Windows 8


The Verge reports that in the RTM version of Windows 8, users are currently not only able to pay for music and videos using credit cards, but also that this is now the default option, in preference to the much hated Microsoft Points.

Microsoft Points have long had a home on the Xbox 360, but has made it unnecessarily complicated to know how much you are spending, and also required one to keep a balance in Microsoft’s system.  The move to credit cards makes the system much more user friendly, and as payment via Points remain available, will still allow users without credit cards to purchase Points at retail locations.

The changes are part of the last minute polish Microsoft is applying to Windows 8 in the run up to its general availability on the 26th October, which has also included the updating of many of the built-in apps in Windows 8.

  • Jeroen Heijster

    The streaming and download options are still too expensive. I can buy a blu-ray cheaper than buying it through Microsoft…

    • mog0

      Really…where from? Amazon charge £10 for DVD and £14 for Blu-ray for the hunger games. I can’t imagine there’s any (legitimate) outlet selling for 1/3 of Amazon’s prices.
      Granted when you buy the DVD or BluRay you get a two disc set with extras but you’re saying you can buy it cheaper, not that you get more.

      You can probably get older movies for less on Blu Ray but you can probably get older movies for less on the MS store too.

      • Jeroen Heijster

        The prices in the screenshots are rental. Hunger games in not available in my country but let’s take Men in Black 3 because it has an HD version available. Buying the SD version is €15.99 the HD version is €20.99. I can get the bluray version for the same price as the SD option in Windows 8.

        • mog0

          OK…See your point. Thought it was a bit odd that download was the same as streaming 😉 Didn’t notice the rental clearly written at the top of the screen.
          If those prices you quote are accurate then, I agree, way too expensive and I will not be buying at that price. Of course Microsoft (and other companies) have a long history of bumping the price up in the UK over what is charged in the rest of the EU but I can’t imagine there’s THAT much difference in the prices.

          • Jeroen Heijster

            The prices are the same in the rest of the EU (the Netherlands for me). 4.99 for SD and 5.99 for HD.

          • mog0

            Is that €4.99? If so that is only £4.03 at current exchange rates, meaning that the UK is getting screwed again (almost 25% more).
            That is where we often lose out, with MS doing a 1:1 conversion rate between pounds and euros, it’s even worse when they do a 1:1 conversion with dollars.

          • Jeroen Heijster

            Well, no. €4.99 vs £4.00 and €5.99 vs £4.99. It’s a bit cheaper for you.

    • Steve

      On the whole digital is more expensive than the DVD. I tend to just rent movies on xbox as that is reasonably competitive for recent releases. otherwise the DVD on Amazon is cheaper.

      • Jeroen Heijster

        I tend to watch movies multiple times so rental isn’t an option :/

  • Beezer

    Let us change our damn country! This won’t help if users setup an account with a different country in the beginning just because there’s wasn’t supported. I for one am that kind of person. Had US billing address since Zune wasn’t available in Canada.

  • XB_Mod

    finally goddamn it….

    its time to bring something like “iTunes” cards though…not everyone has a credit card, especially younger people who seem to be the main target of those bold colorful tiles and phones and tablets.

    • Jeroen Heijster

      Don’t forget just about every country outside of the U.S. I don’t know a lot of people who have credit cards in the Netherlands…

      • The__Truth__Hurts

        Google Play

        I don’t know, but it’s a cool option. :)

  • The__Truth__Hurts

    Thank god.