GameStop Stops Reaches Xbox One Launch Cap; Stops Taking Pre-orders

All the outrage over the Xbox One hasn’t stopped consumers from pre-ordering an overwhelming amount of Xbox One.  GameStop has reached its cap for ‘in store’ Xbox One pre-orders, but is still accepting pre-orders online.

According to Polygon:

Retail managers say senior managers sent out a nationwide email to store managers a few days ago telling them to cease taking pre-orders. Many had already stopped taking launch-date orders, because they had run out of individual store-level allocations.

Polygon called stores around the country, all of which declined to take Xbox One pre-orders. They are still taking PlayStation 4 orders. Store managers say allocations for Sony’s machine are considerably higher than Microsoft’s.

One store manager in California said, “We were only given an allocation of 16 Xbox Ones but we have 60 PlayStation 4s and we’re still taking orders.” Another in Texas said, “There’s no point trying any GameStops. We’ve stopped that SKU until we get notice.”

Allocations are determined by Microsoft. A store manager in Ohio said, “All stores have been told to stop until we get some more units from Microsoft.”

GameStop announced on June 10 it would be taking pre-orders for Xbox One with a $100 deposit, for delivery when the console launches in November. The company limited orders to one per household. Amazon is still taking pre-orders.

A spokesperson for GameStop told Polygon, “Due to high demand, GameStop is not taking additional store reservations for the Xbox One Day One Edition. However, reservations can still be made at … In the meantime, the Xbox One wireless controller and top Xbox One games like: Ryse: Son of Rome, Forza Motorsport 5, and Kinect Sports Rivals are available for pre-order at all GameStop stores or online.”

Source: Polygon

  • BJ

    of course Microsoft is going to outsell Sony in the console world. Look at the past two years

  • Martin Spierings

    Hmm, 16 vs 60 seems a bit odd to me. Are they going all Nintendo on those first sales (creating a huge demand, making it seem wanted). Seems like a bad strategy to me

    • Bugbog

      I surmise the ‘large’ allocation for Sony is because Sony won’t launch till much after Microsoft! Therefore it is in its interest to soak up as much pre-orders as possible for “pie-in-the-sky” delivery fulfilment, as opposed to Microsoft’s probable, actual on-time delivery!

      (Just a hunch; could be complete bs! :) )

  • Eingoluq

    I think I had a stroke. I can’t read the headline.

  • jonny_utah

    Reading read that headline makes make my head hurt.

  • textomatic

    It was to Gamestops best interest for them to sell PS4s instead of Xbox One. PS4 was going to allow for trading in games the traditional way. Xbox One was a threat to Gamestop with their Family sharing plan and availability of games both digitally and physical on day one. Plus God knows if there was some kind of fee to be part of Microsoft’s approved pre-owned games resellers.