Gartner: Microsoft Windows Was Just 2.1% Of Worldwide Tablet Market In 2013

Microsoft Windows Tablet Marketshare

Gartner today released their worldwide tablet market share for 2013 in which a total of 195.4 million units were sold. Apple’s iOS share fell to 36% while Android took 61.9% of the market, thanks  to low-end small screen tablets attracting first time buyers. Microsoft Windows had 2.1% of the market with a total of 4 million units sold in 2013. Microsoft has a long way to go in tablet market to catch up to Apple and Google.

In 2013, Microsoft’s tablet volumes improved but share remained small. Despite Microsoft now acting more rapidly to evolve Windows 8.1, its ecosystem still failed to capture major consumers’ interest on tablets. “To compete, Microsoft needs to create compelling ecosystem proposition for consumers and developers across all mobile devices, as tablets and smartphones become key devices for delivering applications and services to users beyond the PC,” said Ms. Cozza. Microsoft enjoys better shares in ultramobiles that are more productivity oriented, where its partners are ramping up new form factors and designs.

I think Microsoft should ramp up their efforts to soon accelerate the sales in volumes.

Source: Gartner

  • Ballack

    I do not believe in this data..

    • Duel

      Yes it sounds little bit too big even for microsoft

    • Luke Murphy

      What don’t you believe in regarding the data?

      • Don’t fear the future

        See my post below if you want to see the flaws in the data.

    • Lucas

      Yeah, me neither. Does they mean 2.1 for Windows RT or Windows 8(.1) tablets?

  • Guest

    What don’t you believe in?

    • Don’t fear the future

      This is RT only. See my post below for an explanation.

  • Joel J

    The problem is that 2 in 1s like Venue 11 pro, surface pro 2 & T100 are not counted as tablets

  • FreeDom

    Microsoft just target the wrong market. Stop focusing on US and launch the tablet elsewhere.

    • NegLewis

      They are just plain STUPID. Idiots. Bigots and Retarded.

      They build devices that allow them to keep their margin way-way up.
      And NOBODY buy W8 tablets because of that.

      They treat W8 tablets as companion devices and are freaking afraid to let users use tablets as primary devices: Reason: 32 GB, No HDMI, 1 USB…

      People will soon realize that what they really need are small, lite and powerful devices…. and MS will no longer be THE default choice in choosing the “primary OS”.

      32 GB tablets, No HDMI, 1 USB – ABOMINATION!!!
      Even Thinkpad 8 – has only 1 USB.
      Tochiba encore – only 32 GB variant – on

      • dasfoto

        Chill out, dude. I’ve got a Surface Pro 2 with a 256 Gb SSD, 4 Gb or RAM. Sure it only has one USB port, but that’s one more than any iPad or Android tablet. If you’re not willing to spend more than 300 bucks, don’t expect to get the specs of a laptop.

        • NegLewis

          Surface Pro 2 – 256GB

          Are you f. serious?

          • TURNERO

            You can get a Surface Pro for $500 now which is better specked than a lot of laptops at that price range. You’re so full of rage I’m not really sure what you’re trying to say.
            How about you give an example of an Android tablet that meets your requirements?

          • NegLewis

            You live in USA? No?
            I don’t.
            Here… people struggle to buy a W8 device… struggle because there are none to be found – useful + price.

            I do not want Android crap or iOS.
            I want Android-like Hardware + Windows on roughly same price…

          • Socius

            This is the goal. Microsoft is already taking steps to merge Windows Phone + Windows RT. They’re cutting licensing fees from 70% to 100% depending on the device/OS/Partner. And they’re putting less restrictions on who can build Windows Phone devices. They also put out the Surface line up to show what Windows Hardware can do, and this has forced OEMs to work harder to put out better quality devices to compete. Like the big number of intel Bay Trail devices selling with Windows 8.1 Pro for $300-$400, and are great devices! So it’s a work in progress.

          • NGM123

            I paid $220 for my Surface, there isn’t another tablet on the market that can hold a candle to its functionally.

      • 790

        nobody is an idiotic statement btw.

      • Prayaas

        Wow. My iPad got 7 USB ports when I downloaded and updated to iOS 7.

  • Joel J

    80% of the market is mini tablets….. MS needs to get a <$350 8" tablet into the market.

    • Valk
      • NegLewis

        I’ve made the BIG mistake and bought a 32 GB W8 tablet.
        Initially I had enough storage = 12 GB +
        I activate Office + Office Crash(battery drain) + Recharge + Restart Office and had left only 0 GB of free storage.

        The .cab files duplicated.

        After that I retried again and had left only 2-3 GB free.
        Windows had reached to 12 GB
        Office+ crap – 5GB +
        Program Files – 5 GB +
        Program Data 4 GB +
        Users – 1 GB +

        Office had downloaded a 250 MB of fonts that translated into 550 MB of fonts – that’s about of 1GB of storage.
        Same with wave, icons and crap + other crap…

        MS has no intention to let users really use 32 GB tablets,
        64 GB it’s the LOWEST low..

        MS should sell 32 GB tablets with 1 TB of cheap slow flash Storage build in.

        • 790

          Personally storage was no problem on the dell v 8 32gb with office and all my apps installed. The problem i had with the device was the touch screen, it had a mind of its own. Returned for a refund and am waiting for build to reassess my options.

        • Simon Paul

          And here you go again with your storage rant. I have a 32GB Surface with no storage issues at all. And for a little bit more, people can buy another 32GB.

          At least people have the option of expanding that with an SD card. Can you do that on the iPad? NO.

        • Avatar Roku

          Why would you buy an 8″ tablet for hardcore Office usage? Are people nuts?
          Where is the common sense?

        • NGM123

          Cry me a river, I just bought another 32GB for my Surface, cost me $22 delivered. Build a bridge loser.

        • WinMetro

          Fuck you. Your storage problems can be fixed by removing the recovery images off the drive.

  • troyrig

    There’s so many crap Android tablets out there that can’t run any meaningful apps, like those $80 ones sold everywhere on Black Friday or that fill sites like Woot constantly. Also, a huge portion of Windows “tablets” are transforming laptops and the sales are probably counted as such. So really who knows how they arrived at the numbers.

    • Asgard

      I wouldn’t count they put convertibles or any other non-tablet devices in the sales numbers. Impossible to know what is included.

    • Duk3togo

      Is this info all tablets or just the ones made by Microsoft??

    • Guest

      That’s an interesting point…not sure I’m too excited about the possibility of adding up all of the Windows 8 devices and comparing that install base to all iPads + Mac’s.

  • Lucas

    I believe this is because they are not counting full Windows 8 tablets. This might be RT.

    • Ryan

      I think they’re counting some of them. If you look at the release it says:

      Gartner does not track the tablet market in isolation from other device categories. Tablets are a part of the wider ultramobile market that also includes hybrids and clamshells. Worldwide sales of ultramobiles to end users reached 216 million units in 2013, an increase of 68 percent on 2012. The tablet remained the most popular device, accounting for 90 percent of overall sales of ultramobiles in 2013 — followed by the clamshell and the hybrid, with 8 percent and 2 percent of sales, respectively.

      They also mentioned the Lenovo Yoga by name, so I think this does include at least the more tablet-forward touchscreen computers.

      • Lucas

        But there are hybrids with RT and they are not mentioning the IdeaPad Yoga but rather the Yoga with Android which can be deduced because the mention later and Windows models or something like that. Either way, both Android and Apple have been for around 5 years in the tablet market while Microsoft joined recently with 8. I see a lot of interest for hybrids in places like Best Buy.

        • Don’t fear the future

          There is also a Lenovo Yoga that runs RT. Confusing, but true.

    • Bugbog

      I think so too, as they have specifically delineated an “Ultramobiles” category, meaning any tablet that is sold with an attachment to a keyboard (probably excepting the Surface) are not deemed as ordinary tablets.

    • Don’t fear the future

      Bingo. It is only RT. See my post below for an explanation.

  • NegLewis

    I bet MS is full of this type of guys: US Only + Alaska + PR + Canada (Maybe)
    How a meeting at MS looks like:

    Well – Ballmer/BG … – we need to price W8 and set minimum requirements for W8 tablets.
    I propose the absurd price of $199 and up for PRO/Ultimate and $99 for a worthless piece of crap like Home & Student Edition.
    Ballmer: Accepted.

    I propose to build junk tablets and keep our margins: Tablets with only 32 GB of space and force people to buy each 100 GB of cloud storage – because WiFi is free!
    Ballmer: Accepted.

    Any retarded ideas? Anyone?
    I propose only 1 USB for Tablets!
    Balmer: NICE! I like it. People will buy 2 tablets and a laptop to recharge them .

    – I got one Mr.
    – B: Say it freack!
    – I propose NO HDMI for tablets.
    – B: Ohh… Ya…
    – Only HDMI for cheap 32 GB tablets…
    – B: That’s genius man! YOU will be our next Device and Services CEO!!!

    • NGM123

      Seriously?! What an idiot.

  • Bugbog

    Rather doubtful, or should I term it as subjectively accounted? As in the 2012 – 2013 period Microsoft tablet sales were up to 7%! So this redaction to just 2%, especially with the new influx at the years end makes their accounting seem somewhat dubious.

    • SocalBrian

      Can you cite a source for that 7% – my recollection is that they were much smaller than that.

  • Avatar Roku

    I don’t understand why MS do not unify their app store and put all 250,000 WP8 apps into the Windows store. It doesn’t even seem to be a huge priority. They could go from 150K apps to 400K apps overnight.
    Such a simple thing, how hard could it be to do. Both Android and iOS figured this out years ago. MS continues to drag it’s feet on app store unification.
    On the bright side MS doubled it’s market share and tripled it’s sales volume in tablets.

    • Prayaas

      Maybe because its not just Stores, it is APIs and Runtimes? Maybe because WinRT doesn’t support WinPRT? Maybe because there are apps which invoke features found only on phones and they would just crash when they reach that line of code on a tablet (or PC)?

  • cybersaurusrex

    These numbers are terrible if accurate.

  • tom14584 .

    This calculation is completley wrong, asus say t100 was sold about over 500,000 unit for some months. i must think they don’t include all of this kind of devices.

  • Don’t fear the future

    These numbers are based on RT only devices.

    I’m sure you want proof. Let the math begin:

    A quote: ” Joe Belfiore led with bright news about Windows 8: Microsoft has sold 200 million licenses, users have downloaded 4 million apps from the Windows Store; and 40 percent of Windows 8 machines are touch-enabled”.

    NetApplications shows Windows 8.x is about 10.5% of all PC’s on the planet (about 1650 million or 1.65 billion of them in use), putting the total amount of ACTUAL users at about 165 million.

    If 40% of the 165 million are touch devices, that put Windows 8.x touchscreen hybrids, tablets, 2 in 1’s, All-in-Ones, et… at 66 million. Therefore, there is no way Windows only sold 4 million Windows tablets. Windows RT tablets yes, Windows 8.x tablets, no. The other problem is: How can they distinguish a Surface Pro from a touch-screen All-in-One? They can’t. So the only numbers they can be sure about are RT devices, which all have touch-screens and are all tablets or tablet convertibles.

    Now, maybe you question the 165 million number. Fare enough.

    More numbers: Apple has sold about 25 million Macs over the past 15 months. ( The Mac numbers can be found on Macworld dot com under an article titled “Apple revenues up but net profits down in fourth quarter”). Mac’s global market share in that time has barely moved. Maybe a percentage point or two. However, in the same exact time period, Windows 8 went from 0% market share to 10.5%. So, if 25 million units over the coarse of 15 months barely move you up in market share, how in the hell did Windows 8.x go from 0% to 10.5% in 15 months?

    Answer: Because they sold 165 million units in 15 months, not 25 million units in 15 months.
    Your welcome.

  • WinMetro

    Thank you Satya Nadella for sending Tami Reller straight back to the kitchen where she belongs.

    • Prayaas

      LOL This made me laugh 😀
      Beware of feminazis, though.

  • djr372

    I’d be curious to see some usage specs, like how many hours a day people spend on their tablets and what they use them for. My neighbor bought his wife an Android tablet solely because it was cheap and she never uses it. I wonder if W8 tablet buyers use their tablets a lot more.