Gartner: Windows 8 Tablets To Hold 39% Market Share In Businesses By 2016

Research firm Gartner yesterday released a report on consumerization of IT. Gartner predicted that 821 million smart devices (smartphones and tablets) will be purchased worldwide in 2012 and it will reach billion mark in 2013.

Gartner said the following regarding Windows 8 in businesses by 2016,

In the business market, Windows 8 will take the No. 3 position in the tablet market behind Apple and Android by 2016, with interest coming more from businesses than consumers. Tablets and convertibles will be the way into businesses for Windows 8. Gartner estimates that the share of Windows 8 tablets and ultramobiles in businesses will reach 39 percent in 2016.

Even though 39% market share for Windows 8 is highly possible, I didn’t under their maths quite well. They are saying Windows 8 will take No.3 position in tablet market, but will hold 39% marketshare?? How it is possible?

Source: Gartner

  • Bill Lee

    The 39% market share is referring to business use, not overall market share. I have a feeling that they are overestimating Android’s future dominance in tablets as I think Win 8 will nab the 2nd spot.

    • GGlazer

      I agree, I won’t allow android anywhere near our business’s IT environment.

      • mrdeezus


        • GGlazer

          Being able to provide a stable, secure environment with out a single virus or malware to my users (100-200) is mission critical. I’ve been able to do that for over a decade.

    • Bugbog

      I don’t even see Android tablets as any consideration in business at all! Specific, focused tasks? Maybe. (I.e. Locked handheld or desktop terminals, etc).

      But general usage office tablets? Windows 8 will imminently blow it away!

      It’s even debatable as to whether Apple’s iPad will keep its current position by then. Remember, it has been No.1 only by default, in that there had been no ‘real’ competition from Microsoft. But now?

      I say bring it!

    • NGM123

      My thoughts exactly, hard to imagine W8 being behind Android in the business market, even if it is tablets. My prediction is this prediction is predictably wrong.

  • rruffman

    Windows 8 tablets will take the number one spot within 12 months.

  • guesttt999

    Both Gartner and IDC have made some silly predictions, but this is ridiculous. Let’s check back in an year and see who’s leading!

    • Gavin Tom

      Probably microsoft, I know a lot of companies that will be switching to windows 8 pro tablets for on the field computing and engineering. Once businesses pick it up goodbye apple.

    • TrickyDicky

      Agreed, Android will be the same as it is now in business 0%. iPads are more and more being snubbed by IT departments, all of whom are waiting on Win 8. I would be think it more likely that the 3 should be changed to an 8 (i.e. 89% by 2016)

  • rollie

    39% was calculated as combination for tablet & Ultramobiles while No. 3 position was for tablet alone…..I personaly think that the tablet for business will take the No.1 position by 2016

  • AS147

    In our business there will be both but the majority of users will be using Windows 8 tablets. The actual main workforce will need and get W8 tablets the IT and exec staff will have a choice and many will probably choose the iPad. That will mean 90% of tablet users will be on W8 tablets as ther execs/management/IT staff is less than 10% of our total company headcount.