Gartner: 422 Million Windows Devices Expected To Ship In 2015

Gartner December 2013 1

Gartner today released their latest projections on worldwide devices market. Worldwide combined shipments of devices (PCs, tablets, ultramobiles and mobile phones) are projected to reach 2.5 billion units in 2014, a 7.6 percent increase from 2013. As expected, Android will dominate with more than a billion devices.

Worldwide shipments of traditional PCs are forecast to total 278 million units in 2014, a seven percent decline from 2013. Driven by an uptake in Windows ultramobiles, the PC market is estimated to remain flat in 2014 (0.2 percent), after a decline of 9.9 percent in 2013. The Gartner consumer survey showed that less than eight per cent of users would replace their laptop with a tablet, while a transfer to an Ultrabook is almost twice this figure.

Apple is expected to narrow the devices number with Microsoft in 2014. See the table below.

Gartner December 2013 2

The projected numbers are not so encouraging for Microsoft. Microsoft needs to really accelerate its presence in mobile and tablet market to get back into growing path.

  • Bugbog

    “Apple is expected to narrow the devices number with Microsoft in 2014”
    Not if all they do is keep releasing ‘Air’ devices, whilst MS and OEM’s continue to move forward with powerful and innovative devices!?

  • Njoi Fontes

    I find it hilarious that this prediction is being read as inevitable and infallible… who gives a shit about garner (or anyone else for that matter) predicts? 90% of the time these predictions are off anyway.