German MediaMarkt starts a series of attention-grabbing but weird Windows 8 ads

imageMediaMarkt is a large German retailer and a subsidiary of Metro AG. They have launched a series of promotional videos for Windows 8, which are attention-grabbing but certainly also somewhat strange.

In the above video the easy Sharing features of Windows 8 gets a brief demo, contrasted with how difficult it is to Shear a sheep.

The video below is only somewhat better, and here the security features of Windows 8 is shown, showing how easy it is to get access to a Windows 8 PC vs a club.

The series is called Windows 8 vs Reality. Do our readers agree the producers seems to have lost contact with reality themselves. Let us know below.



    Ain’t THAT bad

  • Samuel

    In Germany Microsoft has not even one commercial aired yet. It`s only 5 days to Windows 8. I can imagine where the 2 billion ad budget will be spend. In Europe for sure, not.

    • Oli

      I haven’t seen one in the UK. Then again, I don’t watch many adverts (Sky +)

  • agha

    You should know that Media Markt is famous for Strange ads like this one

  • fz

    Good ones. Delivers the msg.

  • juwagn

    It’s MediaMarkt (btw Metro-Group). Their adds are always weird. Their slogan is “Ich bin doch nicht blöd! (I’m not sutpid)

  • knust

    I’m German and I know medianarkts ads.. But is definitely NOT funny and not good advertisement.

    • Tumultus

      LOL, compared to what you find on US TV these days, I found it very entertaining! You sure need to understand German in order to get the “Schafe scheren” / “Share sheep” thing but then, it is meant for Germans, not for the rest of us. :)

    •örgen-Engdahl/100000141137065 Jörgen Engdahl

      the taste of humor is devided, but you need to think with these, not only just dumb watch, which you probably did.

      • nkast

        The second one is funny. But the first is no better than this southpark clip. “Proof That Germans Have A Sense Of Humor”

        I get like this when I hear Merkel talk about Greece’s future in Europe. I know a joke is somewhere there but can’t tell where exactly.

  • Thomas Adams

    The ads are actually pretty good in my opinion. Very clever usage of German words which are terms from Windows 8 which are then contrasted to words which sound alike but have a different meaning for “the men on the streets”.

    And they are funny to look at are they not? More funny are IMHO only the ads of the DIY store chain “Hornbach” which you could surely find on YouTube. 😉

  • cgdams

    Sheep sharing is meh, but that Security Ad actually is funny :)

  • Thomas Bundgaard

    Whether you like them or not, they work. They are spreading all over the internet.

  • PeterLustig

    I think its great advertisement, I am German and it’s definitely eye-catching :)
    Well done Media Markt.

  • alukard

    They are nice. Would you rather non English speaking countries had no ads at all? Its nice to see they went through the effort to make a quirky ad that’s actually funny and mention windows 8 many times.
    There will be many simple ads to suit your taste, but its cool we have these crazy ads too.

  • Anthony IamTiger Lee

    Video doesn’t play on Windows Phone…

    • sumedh kumar

      it does play.. I never had any problems. I have hd7.. Running 7.5

    • sumedh kumar

      yOu might have to install “YouTube” app from Microsoft corporation. I have it. Probably that’s why I never had any problems with videos on sites

  • Kitab

    Tis funny:)

  • sumedh kumar

    awEsome ads… More ads like this in more languages would do a lot..

  • Ruufus

    Great ads regardless of language. I laughed therefore I positively remembered product and features.

  •örgen-Engdahl/100000141137065 Jörgen Engdahl

    first one is brilliant, second one not so.

  • Mark Firemoon

    The funniest part is that MediaMarkt is a subsidiary of Metro AG, the company that threatened legal action against Microsoft over Windows 8 “Metro” design language.