Get Premium Skype Features Free For One Year

Microsoft is running a new promotion called the ‘Skype Collaboration Project’ that is allowing Skype users to make free group calls, free group screen sharing, no advertising and access to live customer support, for free. All of these features are typically reserved for premium account holders but you can get them free for 12 months.  After you enter your email address a code will be sent to your inbox. After the code is redeemed you see a message that shows a credit of $107.88.

skype code redeemed

I’ll update this post as we learn more about the motive behind this offer.

Redeem: Skype Offer


  • Jeff Daly

    No link??

  • Umashankar Rathod

    link plz

  • Blaze Blue

    I was just saying the same thing. How is it that news about getting something for free but hold out on the link

    • Herb_Eaversmells

      Look at the bottom of the article: “Reedem: skype offer”

      • Blaze Blue

        That was just put there. That wasn’t there before.

  • Brian

    Has anyone gotten this to work? I tried signing up, but have yet to receive the email.

    • surilamin

      I got it to work, email was sent immediately when I posted this.

  • dada051

    No mail for me too :(

  • Beezer

    haven’t gotten any email as of yet.

  • Umashankar Rathod

    Havent received any mail..Is this offer again only for US customers..Then its a conspiracy…

  • Emi the Strange

    I dont think everyone will get in this thing and dont know when people get the email anyway… I tested it with 2 emails, the one for my MS account and the other for the Skype one.
    I sent it to my dad’s email and I dont think he got it either, and my sister didnt say she got anything.
    but it sounds nice since Microsoft have said they want to drop the Premium from video group calls, so this might be a temporal transition for that.

    • soder

      “since Microsoft have said they want to drop the Premium from video group calls”

      Something for sure, that wont happen. The group video is eating the most CPU processing power and bandwidth to their NSA-snooped datacenter, all other skype modalities are single digit % compared to video. If they give it for free, who is gonna pay the electricity bills?

      • Emi the Strange

        they want to give it for free because the free when Skype wasnt owned by Microsoft and today people woudl rather go and use Google Hangouts than paying a Premium. not everyone does group video calls anyone, who cares? its not your money the one spent in the bills or the NSA or whateve tin foil hat conspiracy theory you believe…

        I got this quote from Techradar:
        “When TechRadar asked if this could change in the future, Skype told us that it is something that it’s working on. “Yes, it’s something we want to do in the near future,” Yasmin Khan, product manager for Skype Premium, confirmed at the Skype offices in Stockholm. “We realise this is an urgent need for our Skype users.””
        so should I believe you? or the product manager for Skype? like i said Microsoft said they want to drop the Premium from group video calls, and they want it as you read it. end. I dont care about anything but what the said to techradar, and thats all that matters. but you can believe anything you want, I guess.

  • Lundon Clark

    US only?

  • jvs

    No e-mail back to me…

  • hysonmb

    There’s a lot more info on the page that explains the motivation:

  • jelloooooonelloooooo

    does not work…

  • Arkoprabho

    No email…

    • Emi the Strange

      I just got my email… as you can see it took 2 days for that. only got 1 email so I have to see if I get the others haha

      yeah I got the other one! :Pyou just need to be patient

      • Arkoprabho

        Ok m gonna wait then…

        • Emi the Strange

          yeah I got another one haha, and my dad’s email got the 2 I put 2 days ago. so maybe you need to wait 2 days, but you will get it. I put like all my email addresses and I will see if I get them now! haha. its sad 2 of my email accounts stopped working and outlook team didn’t fix it and I was lazy to keep trying, I had more alias there xD

      • Arkoprabho

        Got my email…
        Took me exactly 2 days too…

  • Adrian

    took a couple of days but it worked

  • Dexter Fernandes

    I GOT IT!! 😀

  • misso

    i got the email but no code.