Get ready for your Surface with a cheap 70% off Sandisk microSD card


Amazon is offering great discounts on Sandisk Ultra microSD cards  – just like those that will fit into your Surface tablet and expand that 32 GB of storage.

Amazon is offering 70% off Sandisk memory cards, SSDs and MP3 players. You can grab a 32gb microSD card for $23 which is about $47 off the regular price or a 64gb for $43.49 , $56 off.

The presence of expandable storage of course makes the whole value proposition vs similar iPads with the same built-in storage even more appealing for Surface tablets.

Find the deal at Amazon here.


  • brent3000

    MicroSD cards wont ship to AUS :'(

  • blackhawk556

    what should we expect with class 10 30Mb performance? good for storing videos and playing with out skipping a beat??

  • blackhawk556

    ok, so the 64gb card was $60 a few days ago so it is a $17 discount NOT $56. I had a $24 gift card from Amazon so the 64gb card ended up costing me $23 not a bad deal. :) I wonder how many gigs I’ll have available of the 96 once i put it in the Surface tablet.

    • B_Sack

      Around 84 (20 on device for apps, 64 on card for media)

      • B_Sack

        Well I guess I should state around 80+GB. Will be a slight loss on the SD card for formatting ect.

  • KennyB123

    Ordered! Thanks for the tip.

  • Rohit

    Just be warned that in product description it says “UHS Speed Class 1** Ideal for Shooting Full HD1 Video”. Thats Class 1 which means very slow. The highest you can get is Class 10.