Get the Windows 8 look on Windows 7 with the Windows 8 Transformation Kit


We tend to be a bit obsessed with the tablet aspect of Windows 8, but of course the vast majority of us will use Windows 8 on laptops without touch screens, in which case much of the look and feel has already been revealed.

If you like what you have been seeing you can now bring some of that onto your own PC with the Windows 8 Transformation Kit created by HamedDanger on DeviantArt.

The pack brings the following enhancements:

  • Taskbar UserTile
  • Aero Lite
  • Windows 8 Aero Theme
  • Aura Beta 2 – automatically adjusts the aero theme colours to your wallpaper

The pack can be downloaded here, and of course all hacking is at your own risk.


  • Michael Jacob

    I’ll pass, thank you. I’ll wait for Microsoft to fully think through Win 8 first. I do not know where are they heading: Aero, Ribbon, or Metro UI? Smashing everything together make it a mess.

    • Eingoluq

      same here