Get Xbox 360 With Kinect For $99 On 2 Year Contract From Microsoft Store

The reports about Microsoft offering Xbox 360 under contract seems to be true. You can now buy a Xbox 360 4GB console with Kinect for just $99 under two year contract. The contract for two year would require you to pay $14.99 for Xbox LIVE gold subscription. This is a great deal for a family looking for an entertainment hub. The offer so far appears to be only at Microsoft brick and mortar stores, but you can expect them soon via other stores as well.

Find it here from Microsoft Store website. 

  • Court Kuehne

    It’s these kinds of shenanigans that make me not want to trust Microsoft. I understand they want to make money, but unless they include some free download or shows, this is a horrible deal. You end up paying ~$459, when this bundle with two years of live should cost under $300.

    • Adam

      So it is ok for the wireless providers to use this model and
      then not give you any of the device functionality without charging you 3-5
      times more? You would rather pay $300 up front and then another $360 over the 2 years?
      Using your math, paying evil Microsoft $660 is better than falling for their
      “shenanigans” of $459? Please explain

      • the person

        moron, you aren’t paying an extra $360 if you buy the console outright.  You might be paying $90 tops since you can find 1yr XBL deals all over the internet. $199 4Gb console + $90 != $660 or $459.

        • Tommy Davis

          you are all wrong. It is a $299.99 console with 2 years of xbox live 59.99×2 = 300+120= $420
          Now the $99 deal:
          14.99×24=359.76359.76+99= $458.76 TOTAL
          So. ~$460 – $420 = $40.. Over two year you will pay an additional $40 if you do the $99 subscription deal. Sounds like a good deal if you don’t have $360+tax up front and then another $60 to renew your live gold account in another year.

  • the person

    lol….this is far from a deal.  You have a to be a fool to buy this.

  • John W. Holmes

    I like the $99.99, think about it this way, If you are up front the $99 and the next Xbox comes out 2013? You still have the ability to upgrade equipment for less out of pocket cash. Besides if you havent already bought an Xbox 360 at this point you might because of the new available streaming content which requires the Xbox live..