Giant 383-Inch Surface Tablet On Display In London

As part of a fun publicity stunt Microsoft has created a massive 27 feet wide and 17 feet high, 383-inch Surface tablet at one of London’s biggest tourist attractions, Trafalgar Square.  The Surface sits next to the famous Nelson Column dwarfing over most of the other historical monuments in the square.  It took Microsoft around 12 hours to build it.  A giant purple type cover 2 has been attached to the Surface with actual working keys.  The public and nearby school children from the Soho Primary School have been playing with the Surface and the type cover.  As part of a contest Microsoft is giving away some Type Covers to those who take a picture with the giant Surface.


Source: Microsoft UK

Feature Image Credit: T.C.

  • Kazi

    Excellent marketing, great job MS UK!

    • techieg

      I think MS could’ve targeted a broader audience with better TV ads and product placements on TV shows (after firing their current lame marketing team) than having this thing in one corner in one local area.

  • Robbiegod

    Is it actually functional? That’s a massive surface for sure! Anyone have any video of this?

  • Pedro

    Wasting $$$ on useless marketing instead of investing it in the apps. So typical for MS. No wonder RT is dead sales wise.

    • Sunovavic

      Trying too hard pedro… nobody cares about what you say. Go kill yourself… tell your mom the same thing.

      • Pedro

        Nobody cares about what MS says, RT killed itself already, tell the same thing to your OEM mom that was raped by you and ran away from RT.

        Or was it someone else who raped OEM moms? Huh? Who was responsible for them running away scared form dead RT if it was not Sunovavic AKA “The Great OEM Mom Rapist”?

        • Sunovavic

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          • Pedro

            Yeah, really nobody cares about dead RT, so prepare for the another huge write off from MS, another billion or maybe two. This new write off will penetrate your little tight Ballmer loving ass real deep huh :) You gonna love how it penetrates you deeper and deeper. And then another write off! And then you peak from pleasure. You love when Ballmer penetrates you with his huge long hard billion dollar write offs huh bitch? :)

          • Sunovavic

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          • Pedro

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          • Sunovavic

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          • Pedro

            You and Ballmer inside your stupid ass both raped your OEM mama, this is why nobody makes stupid RT tablets anymore! Your OEM mama is dead together with RT now! How do you like fucking cold dead RT corpse? Stupid necrophile.

          • Sunovavic

            Not as fun as your mama… Even after death, she came back as zombie… now she’s like a mosquito, you have to slap her to get her to stop sucking.

          • Kickback

            Just took a look through most of your comments. Had to register and tell: you’re retarded. Grow up and calm down with ‘yo mama’ jokes.

          • Sunovavic

            So that made you feel better? You’re pretty retarted yourself thinking if you register and tell us to stop that we will stop!

          • Guest

            But even Ballmer laughing at the Snub nose BB gun you brought to the event

          • Anoyed

            Get some REAL life the two of you! Did it ever occur to you that other people just want to read about this giant Surface and NOT about your teenage fantasies?

          • Sunovavic

            Then don’t read… retard!

          • Qurk

            Why aren’t you dead yet

  • John Locke

    Woah I’m impressed M$.

  • Guest

    Is MSFT trying to show us to life size scale how big of a flop Gen 1 Surface was?

    • Sunovavic

      It’s the life size scale of your mom’s pussy!

  • reKitab

    I want one. But how am I going to carry it home?:)

  • grs_dev

    Imagine if trolls had to pay a fee to actually be allowed to do their trolling! I think that’s a damn good idea.

  • David

    XP and 7 are threat to W8 platform…
    its fun to watch and experience these marketing stunts…
    but in office your either stuck with XP or 7 for next 5 years….
    no matter XP expires or not it will continue to exist…

    Unless… (this is where the marketing should be)
    M$ gets into a company and TERMINATES XP or FORCE UPGRADES XP to W8 lite version…
    If i do marketing this is what ill do,
    1.Release a final XP ServicePack to upgrade the XP to Metro
    2.Announce FREE upgrade from XP/7 to W8 PRO(not ultimate/Enterprise version) if upgraded within next 12months
    3.Free Volume License to corporates if they use 100% MS Technologies [WP,W8,Server,Azure etc] – sure it will be a heavy loss for 12months with the advantage of greater marktshare

  • ellvmmex

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