Google Accuses Microsoft Of Making Misleading Statements To The Market Regarding Win-backs From Google Apps

At Worldwide Partner Conference this year, Microsoft claimed that 785 customers have switched from Google Apps to Office 365 in the past 18 months. Microsoft highlighted this stat to show that they are winning back customers from Google. Google recently responded to these claims that 5,000+ companies sign up for Google Apps every day and that “thousands of those customers switch from Microsoft”. In fact, they responded to Microsoft’s slide with the following detailed statement,

Google’s claims regarding the above slide from Microsoft,

  • Smithfield: Smithfield is definitely still using Google Apps – they just renewed in March 2014.
  • City of Edmonton: The City of Edmonton is definitely still using Google Apps. In fact, the CIO recently declared that they are staying with Google Apps after an exhaustive analysis by IBM and Deloitte
  • University of Colorado Health: The University of Colorado Health — the teaching hospital for the University of Colorado Denver — was never on Apps. They had a few accounts provisioned but they have never paid for Apps. The University of Colorado Boulder is 100% Apps for all students. The faculty and staff still continue to use Microsoft on-premise but are considering moving to Apps in order to better collaborate with students. Additionally, many of the faculty and staff are currently using Drive.
  • Arysta Lifescience: Arysta Lifescience was a Postini customer. They did an Apps trial but were never an Apps customer.
  • Dixons: Dixons Retail was never a deployed Apps customer.
  • Anhanguera Educacional: Ananhguera Educacional was an Apps customer, but they were acquired by Kroton Educational, which is standardized on Microsoft. Microsoft offered to provide all licenses and services for free to Kroton so they decided to move Anhanguera to Microsoft as well, and report these savings as a positive impact of the merger.
  • Guardian Insurance: Guardian Insurance decided not to renew in March 2014. They are rolling out Office 365 to the corporate users and will then replace Apps for the brokers in a year.

Moral of the story: Slides can be deceiving and we feel Microsoft is making misleading statements to the market.

Microsoft also responded to Google’s claims with the following statement,

We continue to see incredible momentum with companies in industries as diverse as education, healthcare, retail, agriculture and utilities choosing Microsoft. While the companies highlighted at our annual partner conference are Office 365 customers, they are at different stages of deployment with historically diverse productivity environments. The logos depicted are not all pure win-backs, but represent significant wins for Microsoft in competitive circumstances. Based on public records, the 785 customers moved some or all of their email solutions away from Google.

This spat shows that the enterprise productivity market competition is heating up.

Source: Forbes

  • MrTrunky

    Microsoft is full of liars.

    • tim_neal

      Sounds like a statement my 5 year old would make. How about a little evidence so you sound a little more intelligent

    • yardmanflex

      ur a douche bag….

    • Danny

      Google never lies LOL …..especially when it comes to reading students emails

    • Luizio Chagasteles

      Google docs is for note taking, not for important documents. In Brazil I don’t know a single company that use Google Docs.
      Sorry periferia!

  • Tezla

    There is no way that google apps, docs or services can match what Microsoft offers. Only those that do not know better, would choose Google over Microsoft.

    By the way, be careful not to use your email whenever you are using Google Chrome, otherwise, any website you enter it in, will send you spam and ads to your inbox. When I stopped using Chrome, the spam and ads in my Microsoft email stopped.

  • Danny

    My Dad’s company never used Google or any of their apps. No software ever comes close to MS office when it comes performance and ease of use

  • Rikkirik

    Well I have read different statements of enterprises that have dropped Google and adopted Office, and it sure wasn’t Microsoft doing the talking. Some of them we’re big enterprise companies.
    These statements of Google seem to indicate that most of the Google clients either used Google Docs for free (for example as a trial) or we’re certified or paying customers, and that at least some have taken up Office 365 as their standaard product. By the way, Microsoft giving Office 365 away for free?? Google has got to be kidding me.
    But it seems like Google cannot disprove Microsoft’s statements regarding the adoption of Office, whethter the companies we’re certified users of Google Docs/Aps or not.

  • gufort

    The company I work for, with more than 4,000 employees are on GApps. I have been using it for more than 4 years now, and frankly speaking, I believe the hidden costs are huge. Integration from online to desktop apps are awful, we have to pay for other web services to have the same resources that Lync (Go To Meeting) and Sharepoint (many others) would offer. Whenever the connection drops, the whole office loses its communication as offline support is poor, we have to spend time thinking on how to effective collaborate as the online GDocs are very limited in resources and compatibility and MSOffice suite that is really powerful is not fully compatible.

    So, too bad the CIO does not live the day to day life of the employees that need IT to perform.

    I would not recommend it for serious organization, unless they improve a lot.

  • Bugbog

    It seems to me Google is beginning to feel the Sting, eh?! ☺

    • Luke

      5000 sign up for a free trial and only 1 of those continues to sign up for a paid account lol

  • Joe_HTH

    LOL! 5000 companies a day choose Google Apps? That would literally be impossible.

    • Asgard

      Googles answers are misleading too. The fact is that many of those big companies are using both in some extent. So from 785 companies google picks what, 5, which they think are not true claims.
      5000 can be true, but 99% of those are companies are only 1 or 2 people. And in that case the choice doesn’t even matter much.

    • Will S.

      Newer, younger companies use Google, while older, more established companies use Microsoft.

  • jasonbxx

    Google apps? Maybe for bloggers who use OS-X but not for majority of the Enterprise users who do real work… Seamless integration is the big problem of Google — No Lync/Skype Integration, no Outlook integration, etc.

  • grs_dev

    The mistake that Google made was to not position itself as a Zero Sum solution in the office/enterprise productivity space.