Google Announces Revamped YouTube App For Xbox Consoles

Google today announced an updated YouTube app with all new design for Xbox users. With this new app, you will be able to find videos you want more easily with the updated YouTube app for TV designed specifically for the big screen. You can also access all the videos and playlists from channels. You can update this app in Xbox Store on Xbox One consoles.

Find it all more easily with the guide
The channels you subscribe to and videos you care about will be a click away with a guide on the left side that’s just like the guide you see on YouTube on your computer, phone, and tablet.

When you sign in, you can jump to all the latest videos from your subscriptions and recommendations in the What to Watch section, or pop on a playlist you’ve saved such as Blogilates’ Cardio AB Attack and turn your TV into a workout buddy.

See all the videos and playlists from channels
Your favorite creators are making new playlists every day, and with the updated YouTube app for TV you’ll be able to see all of them. With new channel pages, you’ll see everything they’ve curated for you, helping you find even more to watch from your favorite creators.

Read more on it here.

  • whatup12

    isn’t it one core? ie, wouldn’t it be super easy to port this to WP or is this oversimplifying?

    • Bugbog

      Yes. It is oversimplifying things! Basically Google controls the license (and copyright) to the app, so MS can’t use it without permission, which, obviously, won’t be given.

      • whatup12

        i get about permission and legalities, but was wondering more on the technical front in terms of the workload on google’s side related to porting the app. is it something that takes a few hours, a few days, a few weeks?

        • Bugbog

          The much, much easier question to ask, and have answered, is whether they would wish to do so in the first place (regardless of the cost in time, effort, or money), and the answer is a resounding NO!

          • whatup12

            :)…but then why update for xbox???

          • Bugbog

            Because Google, basically, have no ‘real’ dog in the Console fight. They have no desire, possibility, or immediate ability to enter the market, so it’s no ‘skin off their nose’.

            However the mobile market is entirely different. They wish to grasp and dominate in that field (currently the way MS dominates in the desktop market). So they will do absolutely all they possibly can to make sure Microsoft mobile platforms (Windows 8/Windows Phone) are as bereft of their properties (or decent ones) as much as possible.

          • whatup12

            Got it and think a good explanation! I had remembered something about them developing some sort of android game console, but cant remember the details. That said, I agree with the differential approach across markets and thanks! :)

  • Registradus

    Xbox consoles? or Xbox One?

    • GetEdumated

      Yeah, what about the 360?

  • Registradus

    app? or website?

  • Gnagis84

    why the hell is the “search” so useless in youtube app? why not use the popup keyboard that is fast instead of that laggy 1line keyselect thing they have, the app is useless with that!

  • X

    I assume that means, implementing YouTube app for windows is possible and maybe soon