Google Apps to discontinue support for IE8, may boost Windows 8

Google has announced that  Google Apps will discontinue support for IE8 on November 15.

IE8 was released in 2009 and is the most recent Internet Explorer that will run on XP.

The move will leave IT shops that use Google Apps with the choice of either installing an unmanaged browser like Firefox or Chrome, or finally moving their ancient PCs to a new OS- likely running Windows 7 or if the shop is small enough Windows 8, the new OS the hardware will come with.

In this way Google reminding XP shops that their OS is in fact ancient is very likely to help Microsoft, and possibly boost Windows 8 adoption in small business.

Here’s to that PC replacement cycle, kicked off by Google.



  • techieg

    Google Apps never really supported much of other browsers anyway without complaining that it needs Chrome to work well. What a lousy set of tools anyway.

    • Alex F.

      BS. Google Apps always supported latest IE and Firefox just fine (in fact Firefox is usually a bit better supported than Chrome!).

      • techieg

        What do u mean “BS”? I work in IT and this is what I see everyday with IE and Google Apps on the desktop, it is written at the top of Gmail. It does not display Gmail as well and has a message at the top banner that the user should go use Chrome for a better experience. I have seen this over and over again, so don’t tell me I don’t know what I am talking about. It is one of Google’s evil ways. of course the EU does not see this and the Safari-only bundle on Macs but only decides to bicker with MS over IE on Windows.

  • the person

    thanks Google!

  • idondon

    No, I don’t think that’s what Google is aiming for. They want WinXP users to move to Chrome verus them upgrading to Win7.