Google Delivers Pseudo Chrome OS Interface Within Chrome Browser For Windows 8 Metro Mode

Chrome Windows 8 App 1


Google today announced the release of Chrome 32 web browser for Windows devices. This stable release will include some neat features such as tracking down noisy tags, safe browsing feature, etc,. One of the most important changes is the inclusion of Chrome OS interface within Windows 8 Metro mode. In full screen mode, the whole UX will be like Chrome OS with support for multiple windows, app launchers and more.

  • You can now track down noisy tabs: You can now visually scan your tabs for a speaker icon to quickly find the ones singing in the background. You’ll also be able to see which tabs are currently using your webcam or are being cast to your TV.
  • Safe Browsing’s malware warning has gotten stronger: If you see this message in the download tray at the bottom of your screen, you can click “Dismiss” knowing that Chrome is working to keep you safe.
  • Try out supervised users for your family members: You can now use a beta preview of supervised users to help family members who may need some guidance browsing the web. Once you create a supervised user, you can visit to review their browsing activity and determine site restrictions.  
  • Chrome on Windows 8 “Metro” mode gets a new look: Manage multiple Chrome windows and quickly get to your favorite Chrome Apps with an integrated app launcher.  On the desktop, we’ve updated the default styling of UI elements like form controls and scrollbars to match the sleek design of the new Chrome Metro interface.

Source: Google

  • reKitab

    Since GOOGLE’s been free-riding on Windows’ back from inception, Khurom:) is no exception. No suprises here, imho…:)

  • Victor Who

    This is brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. This gives people the taste of Chromebook or Chrome OS within the MS Windows platform. This could hinder PC sales in terms of people making a 2nd or 3rd PC purchase. The thinking would be, multiple minor computers (Chrome OS) to go along one main computer (Windows PC).

    • Johan Spånberg

      Yeah… “Download our browser… It’s an OS.”

    • Duk3togo

      I wonder if this is now considered software from a competitor’s services and MS has the right to block the chrome browser.

  • Omen1337

    So this is completely broken on the Surface Pro 2 for me, does it work for anyone else?

  • Gromanon

    Ahhh Tojan horse and adware from Google! Hope Kasperky can rid the world of this Google Trojan-ware junk.

    • Herb_Eaversmells

      Ugh… smh

  • BeefNeeg

    Did neeg ain’t gonna use it. Firefox is fine. Gets me all my adult browsing pleasures all night long. I give it to ’em good! I like it smoove!

  • Malcolm Williams

    Can I haz y00t00be nao el goog?

    Seriously. This is insane. We still don’t have a decent youtube app, but google can implement these changes on such a massive level?

    How does that work

  • tomakali

    Google needs a new sexy CEO/Chairman… Eric Schmidt is dead and rotting and infecting the whole planet…

  • jimski27

    Wait till Microsoft starts inserting popups that say, “your are currently being Scroogled”.

  • John Scott

    Does this really help or hurt Chrome OS? Because it looks primitive and ugly even compared to the subdued Windows 8 UI. I think the Chromebook is just as primitive in its UI and has Google done anything with Chrome OS other then dumb down Linux to a degree that I personally think is a demerit on Linux in general.