Google Drops Its Lawsuit Against U.S. Interior Department

Google yesterday dropped its lawsuit against US interior department on favoring Microsoft based productivity solution against Google Apps. Google filed the lawsuit last October saying that the Interior department’s e-mail contract unfairly favored Microsoft products and didn’t give full consideration to the company’s “Google Apps for Government” product. Now Google has dropped the lawsuit as US Interior department said that it would reopen the competition.

Matt Donovan, a spokesman for Microsoft, said

.. the company is “pleased” the Interior Department “can proceed to obtain the secure e-mail system it needs.”

“We are fully prepared to continue competing for the Department’s business and are confident that we offer the best cloud solutions and value,” Donavan said in an e-mail.

C’mon Google, you want to compare Microsoft Office 2010/365 with Google Docs??? I can’t even do it..

  • Anonymous

    Could this be a strategic move from Google given its current dispute with the US gov on the antitrust issues?

    • Anonymous

      More than likely it is. But I personally just don’t understand why would any government agency ever trust an advertising company with productivity services.