Google Extends Support For Chrome On Windows XP Till April 2015


Google today announced that they are extending the support for Chrome browser on Windows XP till April 2015. Microsoft is ending the support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014 which means that it will no longer receive updates and security patches. Since unpatched browser bugs are often used by malware to infect computers, Google is extending support for Chrome on Windows XP, and will continue to provide regular updates and security patches until at least April 2015.

We recognize that hundreds of millions of users, including a good chunk of current Chrome users, still rely on XP. Moreover, many organizations still run dozens or even hundreds of applications on XP and may have trouble migrating. Our goal is to support Chrome for XP users during this transition process. Most importantly, Chrome on XP will still be automatically updated with the latest security fixes to protect against malware and phishing attacks.

If you’re an IT administrator and your employees depend on web applications built for older browsers, you can use Legacy Browser Support to set Chrome as the primary browser and limit the usage of the unsupported, legacy browser to only specific web apps. See Chrome for Business to learn more about how to deploy and manage Chrome for an organization.

Source: Google

  • nohone

    Very clearly a means to attack Microsoft. Google routinely shuts down popular services, and they do it to save money or because they realize that they cannot monetize the users of those services and force people into Google+. Now they see a way of sticking it to Microsoft and pretend that they are the good guy. If they were really interested in the user, they would support XP for 5, 10 years from the EOL of XP. Instead, they do it for one year, pretend like it is because they care for the user, take their victory lap, and then in a little time quietly abandon their users with their services again. Chrome is quite a new product, and have no successor product that they need to support, so to them, making sure it runs on an over decade product is nothing.

    • haha123

      This surely is a Google attack against MS, but it does makes sense. With still over 33% market share of XP despite its age, Google are actually benefitting themselves by extending support – simply because many people still use it. If for example Chrome support ended the same date as MS (April 2014), then lots of XP users would leave Chrome for Firefox, IE or Opera, which would be bad news for Google.

      Google don’t care that lots of people still use XP – MS obviously do and are unhappy, so Google have taken advantage of it.

      • nohone

        No they are not benefiting themselves. Security holes will be found in XP, holes that will be exploited though Chrome. Of course, knowing Google, they will make sure they take no responsibility for it and enjoy pointing the finger at Microsoft, but they are making it easier by continuing to support it.
        If people have not switched from IE6 by now, they are not likely to switch simply because Google will support XP for a very short year on a 12 year old product.

  • Guest

    Fucking hypocrites.

  • SategB

    This is what happens when try to force a poorly developed product on the market, the competition takes advantage of it.

    Lets hope “The Ballmer Years” don’t become known as “MSFT Lost Years: The Fall of the Tech Giant”

  • tomakali

    IMO, When Microsoft wants everyone to move out of XP
    Google wants them to stick to XP and not to upgrade to W8.

    • Jimmyz

      Microsoft should give everyone a free upgrade from XP to Windows 8 if they care about their customers

      • Guest

        Congrats on achieving peak stupid.

      • nohone

        And Google should give me a free upgrade to, well, they don’t actually sell any product of use. And Apple should give me a free upgrade from my 5 year old iTouch to a MacBook Pro with retina display. On second thought they can keep it, no touch display it is useless.