Google Maps May Get Banned In Germany Due To Patent Case With Microsoft


I think its time for Google to rethink their IP strategy as one of their core web property Google Maps is on the verge of getting banned in Germany due to the patent lawsuit with Microsoft. FOSS Patents reports that MMI’s German subsidiary is liable for infringement of a key Microsoft patent, EP0845124 on a “computer system for identifying local resources and method therefor”, which is the European equivalent of U.S. Patent No. 6,240,360.

Microsoft is seeking, and now very likely to obtain, a German patent injunction against the Google Maps service, the Google Maps Android client app, and web browsers providing access to Google Maps. In order to comply with the injunction that looms large, Google would have to disable access to Google Maps from computers using a German IP address, discontinue shipping the Google Maps Android app in the German market, and distribute web browsers in Germany only if they block access to Google Maps in a way comparable to Internet filters used for the purpose of parental controls.

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Source: FOSS Patents

  • Tom

    MSFT and GOOG should just team up, sort some things out, and ship updates every other day rather than every few months.

    • k00k

      Why .. I still don’t have a native Google Map’s app on my WP8 not that I want it but I don’t have it .. Also .. try using a Google Hangout on a Surface RT and see what that gets you also ..

      • Tom

        Not like that. They should combine the services.
        Who am I kidding, this wont happen let alone work at all!

  • Huyle

    don’t like google.

  • darthtigris

    So is MS just seeking it to be blocked or are looking for some kind of fair compensation?

    This is getting uglier and uglier by the quarter …

    • elpadr1no

      Motorola sued MS in Germany and Microsoft countered with a countersuit on Maps. Motorola claimed they didn’t know how Maps worked on their own phones so MS added Google to the lawsuit. Now it looks like MS has the upper hand and may win an injunction(ban). In Germany, injunctions are legal and Motorola already won one against MS but it is banned from enforcing it.
      Its so obvious that Google needs to take a license from MS and that’s all MS has been asking. They’re too prideful to do that and that’s why they’re spending loads of money to prolong the inevitable…and why they’re so anti-MS right now. I’m confident that Motorola would have taken a license by now if Google hadn’t bought it. Now hopefully, MS gets the injunction and Google takes a license. This will put an end to almost all Android lawsuits by MS as everyone will have to take a license if Google itself saw it wise to do so. This is how the business has always been before Apple and Google became big.

      • Bugbog

        Unfortunately, this is something Google will drag out till the end. (A bit of the old saying of ” What’s mine, is mine. And what’s yours, is mine!”.

        Google was founded on a patent (its search algorithm), however they don’t wish for companies to use patents to protect their IP from being used by others; essentially, to allow them to be to copied willy-nilly!

        If Google admits to infringing one patent, they’ll basically be admitting to the fact that Android implemented, and infringe, a whole rafter of other companies IP, for which they’d have to pay.

        • no

          Google’s search algorithm is not patented. It’s like the Coca-Cola recipe: they prefer to have it safe instead of patenting because when you patent something you need to make it public. So, if someone finds the Coca-Cola Recipe or the Google Search algorithm, that person is free to use it, patent it and sue Coca-Cola or Google for using it…

    • GetEdumated

      I’m guessing MS will relent if Google agrees to stop treating Windows Phone users as red-headed step children when they want to use Google services.

      • simphf

        I’d rather see MS bleed them out to give hope and a legal footing to help all the little companies scroogle has stepped on.

  • Jens


  • Kitab

    Weird. What’s next, googling, licensed under bing? What’s this world coming to:?

  • todd ward

    Google knew this was coming

  • koenshaku

    Germany is quick to support any patent.