Google Now Automatically Converts Tracked Changes In Office Documents To Suggest Edits

Recently Google announced that Google Docs users can now edit Office documents in the native format as opposed to converting them to Google format. With that ability, Google has solved the major problem in getting users from Office suite. Today, they announced that any tracked changes in a .docx file will be automatically carried over to Docs as Suggested Edits. Once done, users can collaborate with others.

Docs makes working together easy by letting people edit files in real-time, rather than emailing multiple versions of the same document back and forth. But sometimes you want to control specific changes someone else makes in a document. Suggest Edits in Docs lets you do just that: your team can make suggestions that you can accept or reject with a single click. This feature is available for anyone with commenting access in Google Docs on the web, and is coming soon to our mobile apps.


Read more at Google blog.

  • Harsh

    awesome.. it’s getting better and better day by day.

  • saqrkh

    Proof that even the Office citadel isn’t safe from the Google onslaught. Microsoft needs to seriously work on Office Online and push a free offline version of it. The market they’re after with a ‘free Office’ weren’t planning on 365 anyways, but it’s imperative to get them familiar with Office before they head to the workplace.

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    • smity smiter

      Umm, Office online is indeed free :-/

      ^ Sign-in with an MS account and you can use it.

      • saqrkh


        • smity smiter

          ah I’m sorry, I read “push free Online…” version. my bad :)

  • Super2online

    Office 15 strategy: Its not done until it won’t work on Google Docs, nuf said!