Google Releases YouTube App For Microsoft Xbox One

YouTube Xbox One app

Google surprised everyone earlier today by releasing Waze app for Windows Phone devices. Here is the next one, YouTube app for Xbox One consoles. As expected, this app takes advantage of Xbox One platform features such as Voice, gestures, etc,.

The YouTube app for Xbox One also makes it easier to find and watch whatever you want:

  • Voice – Control the app just by saying “YouTube” wherever you are in the app. Commands like play, pause, and fast forward will instantly pop up on screen.
  • Gesture – Grab the screen to scroll through videos, and use your hand to pick which one you want to watch.

When your Xbox One arrives later this week, give this app a try.

Source: Google

  • Victor Who

    It’s not surprising at all that Google would develop a Youtube app for Xbox One, since it’s a major gaming platform and worth developing for.

    • Rico Alexander

      Windows 8 is a major platform also.

      • Craig Osborne

        The reason I can see Google making apps for things such as gaming handhelds and consoles is because they don’t cut into their business whereas W8 and WP8 do. They’d rather cut them out and have people more over to their ecosystems with Chrome OS and Android.

        • counterblow

          haha…Chrome OS is a joke…Windows 8 surpassed it in marketshare in its first months of release. Google needs to come back to reality.

          • freeman

            This is the type of thinking that has left Microsoft with less than 5% market share in the mobile market. The problem is bigger though windows market share is declining. Being slow with a tablet and with windows phone is costing them marketshare. The chromebook is about simplicity, no back end services, no defragging and all the other stop that comes with traditional desktops/laptops. Its now gaining traction especially in US schools as due to its simplicity with Google apps for education saves a massive $1000 over three years per device. This is also attacking the traditional office market again Microsoft are late with their half in half out Office 365 solution. Chromebooks are helping Google steal mind share in the education system. 72 of the top universities in the US using them. 7 out of the 8 ivy league. 10 million in Malaysia, This mindshare are the users of tomorrow.

          • counterblow

            Chromeos is useless offline and before you say it YES people are offline a lot.

          • freeman

            This is a myth. There are multiple offline solutions across the board for chrome books. From extensions, Chrome apps, html5 cache, native client, portable native client. There is even a version of battlefield available for chrome.

          • Nham Thien Duong

            But, if you have a Windows P.C. you can do all the same, I ran Google Chorme in Windows 8-Mode and installed a lot of Chome-Web-Apps trying to run my Windows P.C. as a Chromebook, and they still lack a lot of apps, and ”yes” I’ll use the app-gap here too, many programs that you run on Windows simply can’t run on Chromebooks, and they can only become a niche market because they lack support for many legacy apps that run on Windows.

          • freeman

            Really so the only thing you can come up with is legacy apps. Haven’t you heard of the internet or cloud computing?

            The fundamental problem with desktops and laptops is they are complex. They slow down after a while, they get viruses, they need to be managed, I give you a new laptop you start a laborious process of installing apps, from office to whatever. Log into a chromebook and all my apps are just there. This complexity is costing schools with windows and OSX over $1000 every three years per device. A university with over 30000 students is $30 million. Malaysia with 10 million students will save $1billion over the next 3 years and are reinvesting that cash back into a country wide 4G network.

            As for the niche market I remember guys like you saying that about the iPhone when it came onto the scene.

          • Marco Gomes

            Maybe you haven`t been readind the latest reports about windows phone. Also, there is life and people, a lot of people, outside the US. You should check that out before talking nonsense about WP marketshare.

          • freeman

            Really, you do know that windows mobile had at one stage 28% market share. Windows phone today has only 3.6. 9.6 million devices shipped last quarter not sold while android has activated 211 million. The difference in scale is massive.

          • Nham Thien Duong

            Apple tries the same with planting their Macbooks in every piece of visible media they can see, turn on your T.V. and you’ll se a Mac, go to any university and everyone has a Mac, but this hasn’t helped, Chromebooks in reality offer nothing that Microsoft can’t, Microsoft should release an R.T. Book and it will easily defeat Google, seriously Google is dropping apps and features really fast, Bing now has more features than Google as a company, Office 365 became a billion dollar business in a year and Chromebooks are very expensive compared to low-end Windows devices, degragging isn’t a major hold-back, you can automatically assign any Windows device that.

    • tropolite

      Umm… Windows Phone 8 worthy of a YouTube app too – but we all know where that went.

      It’d be kinda neat to see Google finally come to the party when it comes to WP too.

    • Asgard

      Except for gaming consoles are so niche market that X1 will likely never have the same amount of users as WP has already :)

      • nohone

        I know, 80 million users is sooo niche. Some companies get 30m users over 30 years, and that is mainstream. But 80m over 8, and they are struggling to make ends meet.

        • Guest

          Actually, xbox line item is a loss for MSFT and if you take out Android LC payment the whole Entertainment Division runs at a loss.

  • redtidal

    I wonder if the app is a Trojan Horse, just to gather data about natural speech.

    Have to to suspicious though, it is Google we are talking about.

    • reKitab

      Yes, very suspicious, WP is years old now, yet no youtube app from Google, XBoxOne not even released yet, and, abrakadabra:) an official youtube app from GOOGLE released. WTF!

  • arrow2010

    Yeah but now that MS is selling Scroogled merchandise, the app will be pulled…

  • Nham Thien Duong

    Google is all about gathering data, it doesn’t matter with whom they’ll have to collaborate to get your data, everyone’s Frenemies in the businessworld (unless you have an alliance, but there’s a lot of back-stabbing in that *cough* *cough* Yahoo! *cough* *cough*), but it’s good for both platforms, Google gets more Xbox-users and Microsoft gets more YouTube-/Google-users, and you’ll get Google ads, it’s worth it, so far YouTube is the only Google service I like and it’s the best service in its category with over video’s and I myself have more than 100 on it.

    Thank you Google.

  • jimski27

    But is the app HTML5 compliant.