Google Responds To Microsoft-Samsung Patent Deal

Google just responded to the Microsoft-Samsung Patent deal, Here is their statement,

“This is the same tactic we’ve seen time and again from Microsoft. Failing to succeed in the smartphone market, they are resorting to legal measures to extort profit from others’ achievements and hinder the pace of innovation. We remain focused on building new technology and supporting Android partners.”

via: Techcrunch

  • Denis Jelec

    As expected (judging from every single piece of communication so far) from them – whiny, without arguments, playing victim, etc.

  • AnonGuy

    What exactly has Google Innovated in Mobile?  They made the OS look like iOS and licensed it out.  That’s it.  Most of Android’s innovation has come not from what Google does with the Software, but what their partners do with the hardware.  It’s the OEMs that pushed the envelop WRT specs and device capabilities that got Android where it is today, as well as their willingness to take very low margins to attack companies like RIM and Nokia at the low-cost markets.  Google had nothing to do with that.  They just provide the software that those OEMs deface beyond recognition to put on their phones.  The OEMs have to add in a ton of stuff to make Android usable.

    • Avatar Roku

      They didn’t even make Android, they bought it in 2005 for $50M. Google is one of the least innovative companies in silicon valley. In their brief decade long history they’ve acquired more companies and technologies than anyone else:

      When Google doesn’t have something they buy it. When they can’t buy it, they steal it and deal with the consequences later.

      • Anonymous

        Really what did Microsoft come up with, they bough MS-DOS, they didn’t invent the GUI or the mouse either. They didn’t come up with the idea of the games console or smartphone either. Infact Microsoft have various anti trust rulings against them from all over the world. They just lost an appeal in June 8-0 to be in violation of i4is patents for years. They have been found to be committing monopolization, tying, blocking completion all in violation of the Sherman act. If you want a company with little or no innovation, who copy and purchase ideas the prime example is Microsoft. The one area where Google did innovate was making money by giving away free services and software, yet another idea Microsoft are trying to copy.

        • John

          You are in wrong blog. Go back to you hole (android blog) and troll there.

          • Anonymous

            lol, my post was on topic and not inflammatory therefore not trolling. While this blog thankfully accepts different viewpoints other than the typical fanboi posts I will continue to post here and there is nothing you can do about it. Your post is off topic and inflammatory so its clear who the troll is and its clear who can accept another persons point of view. Maybe you should try pointing out where I am wrong instead of petty name calling.

  • Anonymous

    Words from a losing child. Grow up, Google!

  • Pieter Kroon

    Oh my, stop crying already. It’s a legal deal without a court fight… that’s a good thing. It’s win-win for Microsoft and Samsung. 

  • Jay Swanson

    Hey Google, here’s a tip. Don’t steal patented code.

  • Anonymous

    If Google was in the same position as Microsoft they would have done the same thing. Its all business, so STFU Google don’t talk about hindering the pace of innovation. You haven’t done anything new/revolutionary with Andriod.

  • Anonymous

    haha Such PR spin.  In other words, damn it we have no power to do anything about this and I’m going to push blame on others for my actions to make them look like the bad guy.  Waaaahhhhhh…  Oh and we support our partners.  (Said while draping an arm around the Motorola logo)

  • Franco Cencio

    “extort profit from others’ achievements and hinder the pace of innovation”

    others’ achievements and others’ innovation… not from google.

  • Anonymous

    If Google had innovated and not used patented code, Microsoft would have no basis for legal measures.
    What would Google have done if they felt that Bing was infringing on thier seach results…. oh, yea, Twitter war. It’s like a digital high school.

  • EJ

    I just hope google didn’t say this..
    to innovate you didn’t have to imitate.
    That’s why you guys made it free, cuz
    You all knew u all will get sued in the end..
    There’s a reason why msft is msft!!! LEARN GOOGLE!!

    • Anonymous

      Google have learned. The purchase of Moto Mobility means every wp7, xbox, version of windows, ios and Mac OS X will mean a contribution to Google. 

      • John

        Are you on drung or something dude!?

        Wake up back to reality!

        • Anonymous

          More trolling and petty name calling. Microsoft’s defense in this case is not that they have to pay license fees across all their platforms, but the amount they have to pay. Microsoft introduced Frand as the defense therefore admitting they violate Motorolas wifi and h.264 patents. Thats everything from wp7, the xbox, ie etc 


  • Milad Bazzaz

    wow…STFU google.

    Microsoft hindering innovation? how about you stop using IP that doesn’t belong to you…

    it would be so awesome to see Google go bankrupt one day…one can only hope it happens in this lifetime.

  • Anonymous

     What’s the word for it? Bad loser!

  • Sagiv Hadaya

    google – you stole patents, and thinking everything is free, even the work of others… its just wrong.
    seems like google is totaly surprised.

  • Anonymous

    So Google steals patents, and then accuses the company who holds those patents of hindering innovation?  That’s the whole point of patents and why people profit off of them!  Google must have their own reality distortion field going on around this subject.