Google Search App For Windows 8 Devices Updated With New Features

Google today updated its search app for Windows 8/Windows RT devices. The updated app brings in new features and performance improvements.

* Added support for printing
* Voice search improvements
* Added ability to launch all results in default browser
* Speed improvements
* Bug fixes

It already supports number of features listed below,

  • Google Searchbox – Type your search right from the app home screen, so you can find the answers you need more quickly.
  • Voice Search – Use your microphone to ask Google anything and see the answer instantly.
  • Image Search – Watch images load into a beautiful full-screen grid. Select images you like or swipe through to see more results.
  • Search Charm – By installing the Google Search app, you can easily access Google from the Search Charm.
  • Instant Previews mode – Browse search results without having to visit each page.
  • View Your Searches – Swipe from the top to see the sites you visited most recently, categorized by keyword.
  • Google Apps page – Access all your favorite Google products from within the app with just the tap of an icon.
  • Google Instant – No need to press Enter – see results instantly as you type.

Download it here from Windows Store for free.

  • Pradeep

    Does anybody even use this app?

  • textomatic

    Didn’t they say they where not going to support Windows 8? What the……?

  • the person

    I’ll file this under ‘who cares…’

  • guin261

    MS no longer supports searching for stuff via 3rd party apps. oh wait, that would be a dick move YouTube says what?

  • lokitoth

    Completely useless since it still does not have anything remotely resembling reasonable support for the other “apps”; all it does is navigate a WebControl to the appropriate page.

    • Alex F.

      It has great voice search (same as on Android).

      • lokitoth

        I guess, but that feels pretty gimmicky. I will have to use it a bit more to have a more valid opinion on it, though. Especially compared to, for example, having good gTalk/gVoice support, or supporting hangouts on Windows RT. I do not mind too much, since I use Skype for most things, but having the option would be nice.

  • Breakingillusions

    let me check i got a lot of metro apps but non of them called google

  • steveo99

    No thanks, don’t want malware on my new surface :p

  • skruis

    Funny to see Google implementing voice in Windows before Microsoft (and yes, I realize there’s the old Windows voice but it’s not like the voice implementation in Android and iOS).

  • surilamin

    I pass on getting Scroogled.

  • alukard

    I stopped using Google search 2 years ago. Bing provides all the results I need.

  • xma1e

    Too late, I’m in thee process of migrating to Microsoft after Google declared it was abandoning windows, no need to get tied to an app that will eventually not be supported.