Google Takes On Microsoft’s Office For iPad With The Updated Docs, Sheets And Slides Apps

Google Docs Sheets Slides iOSMicrosoft released Office for iPad four months back and since then over 35 million users have downloaded it from App Store. Microsoft recently announced the next wave of updates to Office for iPad. It included some of the popular features like Presenter View, Pivot Table interaction, Export to PDF and more. Today, Google announced their updates for Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides apps on iOS. One of the key feature added in this release is the ability to edit native Office files directly.

Here’s the new features on what you can now do with Docs, Sheets, and Slides:

  1. You can truly get stuff done from any device—your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Any change you make on any of these devices is saved automatically, so you can pick up right where you left off any time, anywhere that you can sign in.
  2. The Docs, Sheets and Slides apps come with offline editing built right in. Just make the files you want to edit available offline. Any changes you make offline get automatically synced when you reconnect, just like when you make offline edits from your computer.
  3. And while converting Office files to Docs, Sheets and Slides is a cinch, the new iPhone/iPad apps also let you edit Office files directly — just like on the Android apps and the web.

Microsoft won the desktop productivity space comfortably with Office, but when it comes to mobile productivity, it is anyone’s game. With the recent focus around mobile first, cloud first strategy, Microsoft should deliver rapid updates to its mobile clients in the future.

  • TheCyberKnight

    Then Gemini comes and crushes.

    • Alan

      We hope!!!

  • Drewidian

    Still an inferior product.

    • Ruben Verbaan

      Sure, maybe. But the competition is great. It drives Microsoft to do even better.

      • dicey

        From experience i can tell you that Google docs is a joke compared to office. On top of that the compatibility is absolutely terrible still. Now seeing ipads losing popularity rapidly and most ipad using organizations learning the hard way how unproductive iOS devices really are, Microsoft is going to grow again.

        • Guesty

          “Now seeing iPad losing popularity quickly…”

          What leads you to make that statement, as much as I really want it to be true I see little evidence to support it.

          • david

            Maybe 1/3 less sold than in previous quarter?

          • Guesty

            Again I wish that was true but 1/3 less iPad sold last quarter is not even close to reality if my memory is correct. It was a few 100,000s from the same quarter previous years of 14 million. I wish Surface had a “bad” quarter like that. :(

          • david

            they slipped for more than 3 Mio units in Q3 compared to Q2.
            MS can’t price surface competitively as not to alienate OEMs. If they decide no more OEMs, we will start to make hardware for our software their sales would skyrocket.

          • Guesty

            Just a few but that happens every year, like with phones. Still 13 million really does not communicate “growing less in popularity”. Sadly we can only hope for now.

          • WPhan

            Yes that right, PCs sales has been falling for some time now but their still popular.

          • Blaze Blue

            You know, you are just arguing just to be arguing. You just can’t give up the fact that you are wrong.

          • Guesty

            I would love to be wrong but I’m analytical in nature and find quantitative analysis unweights my feelings.

            The same holds true about my views on XBoxOne. Even though it’s sales are stinking up the place compared to PS4, I’m am not going to say its a failure, yet.

          • dicey

            I don’t think he’s wrong, just that I see a different future for Win8 based on what I see happening in my environment. We’ll have to wait for solid 2014 and 2015 numbers to really know if I made any sense at all.

          • Guesty

            Dicey, that statement we can agree about…time will tell!

            BTW you have added a quality to the discussion, thanks.

          • questard

            “Now seeing iPad losing popularity quickly…” come on you know where! in his fan fantasy brain. suprise he didn’t mention how he adores his surface, lol

          • dicey

            I have no use for a Surface, thus I do not have one. I’ve had an ipad for a while, but like many others I tried to use it for production purposes… and that failed miserably to say the least. It’s like driving on the motorway with a tricycle, it’s just not made for it in the slightest. I use other devices, some with Windows 8 for serious stuff, and some for entertainment and fun (consuming information instead of production) an Android tablet. As their quality is above that of an ipad and offers a lot more for a lot less money. And of course a Windows Phone and the occasional other device for various reasons.

          • dicey
          • Guesty

            Hmmm the first link states they feel it’s most about inventory adjustments. Second & third says its more about replacement cycles then popularity. In fact the third one states the category is still growing in popularity.

            Like I said I wish you was correct but those links make me convinced it not, at least not yet. :(

          • dicey

            Do you even read what you yourself just write? The category is indeed growing in popularity, but ipad sales are dropping. This really doesn’t tell you that both Android and Windows tablet increase in popularity while ipads drop? It doesn’t get any more obvious than this.

            Think about it: tablet sales go up, ipad sales go down. Really, what else is it supposed to mean? Remember, the market grows by 50%, theoretically sales would increase too, but they didn’t just increase, they dropped, that’s really telling. That means current (upgrading) owners stop buying ipads and all new tablet owners avoid ipads!

            Here another, much better but earlier source from 2013 that shows the ipads decline on a global scale:

            All three links unfortunately take the numbers and then add a boatload of excuses as to why ipad sales drops like these mean less than they do. But they’re just excuses, nothing more. Remember, all three of these media are quite pro-ipad and always have been. Mostly because two of them are based on US data and one of them on Australian data, coincidentally the two biggest markets in the world for Apple. In Europe the numbers are far worse for Apple and much better for Microsoft. Especially now that Microsoft kicked the Lumia and Surface marketing into high gear in Europe since they took over Nokia (Really, Nokia f*cked it up so bad that it actually hurt their own sales, that’s how bad they were).

            Here another better link too: Remember again here! The market grew by over 50%. That means theoretically to sustain marketshare, you need a sales growth of about 50% too. This is how the iphone, especially in Europe, is ending close to 10% now too.

            And while we’re at it… here;

            Remember, already in 2011 Apple had a hard time on Europe with their ipad and it did not get any better from there on out. (source:

            I see this in my line of work as well, there are a fair few companies switching and embracing Office 365 and Windows devices, for many different reasons. Sure, they play with Google. Some get it right, most get a headache. Same goes with ipads. There’s just no real long term viability there. It’s a toy after all.

            Look, I get it, it’s a popular notion that ipads are popular, they’re used in media when some company wants to promote their tablet app. You see them a lot not just because of that, but also because their owners buy the devices to show off with them, like a fancy car. But the majority, especially in Europe, isn’t much into that. And even if they are, Apple isn’t considered very premium in most of Europe either. When a product appears so mainstream it really loses it’s value rapidly.

          • Guesty

            Sorry it does not really tell me about any growth in windows tablet, just as one quarter or two doesn’t tell us much about future trends. We can only hope your deep desire to look for it to happen translates into reality. Let’s hope Windows Phone & Surface & xBox combined sells as poorly as the 65 unpopular 65+ million iPads do this year. 😉

          • dicey

            We are talking a trend in Europe that has been going since 2011. Not just a few quarters. Since Android does grow, but not enough to make up the entire markets growth, there is only one conclusion. Unless there is suddenly a new tablet OS that I haven’t heard about. Sure, we aren’t talking insane increases in Win8 tablet sales. But it’s certainly not going down either.

            I also think you are very confused about ‘my deep desires’. Those have nothing to do with anything with a display, I can tell you that much. I just like to follow the news and numbers, mostly on a professional level.

          • Guesty

            So following your feelings about iPad then we can also believe PCs are really not popular anymore because of the drops we seen in 2013 but that would be silly to say. Or to say Windows Phones drop to 2s in market share percentage means it’s dying. That would just be shortsided, no?

          • dicey

            Desktop PCs and laptops are growing again, at least they have been for the last two quarters. Windows Phone has only seen a drop in one quarter. Ipads have seen a decline for almost three years now in some markets and in other markets for at least a year. That looks really different to me.

          • Guesty

            “…in some markets…” is just being selective with your quantative data points.

            But yes PC sales are growing again, yaaa, just as iPad too may soon. It’s just to early to predict. In both cases there are many micro & macro economic trends shared by both sales to be conclusive.

            But at 65+ million we can say popularity is still high.

  • Gregory C Newman

    Microsoft intends to be on many platforms including Googles Android Tablets and next year MS will have a damn good touch screen version of office for it’s Windows touch screen devices. Microsoft Windows 8.1 software has a version for cheap 200 dollar laptops
    that will give Googles chrome books a run for their money. if these new cheap laptops come preloaded with MS office home and student for many People they will be a better buy than a chrome book.