Google withdraws more services from Windows – now will no longer support ActiveSync


Google is dropping support for ActiveSync for all new accounts, switching to “open” protocols which are not supported on Windows and Windows Phone.

Their announcement reads as follows:

Google Sync was designed to allow access to Google Mail, Calendar and Contacts via the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync® protocol. With the recent launch of CardDAV, Google now offers similar access via IMAP, CalDAV and CardDAV, making it possible to build a seamless sync experience using open protocols. Starting January 30, 2013, consumers won’t be able to set up new devices using Google Sync; however, existing Google Sync connections will continue to function. Google Sync will continue to be fully supported for Google Apps for Business, Government and Education. Users of those products are unaffected by this announcement.

The synching service will continue to work for existing accounts, but will mean when users connect their new Windows Phone or Windows tablet their Google calendar will be inaccessible, and they will not have a push email experience on IMAP.

IOS, which supports CalDAV and CardDAV will remain unaffected, and Google will continue to offer the service to business users, suggesting Google may be targeting Windows consumers directly.

Do our readers think the cold war between Microsoft and Google has just heated up a few degrees.


  • XB_Mod

    who cares…

  • Lucas Nobre Silveira

    I think I will change to definitely.

  • Mrt1connect

    screw google. Soon they’ll be the new yahoo.

  • just

    I use all MS services and I just have one Gmail account for spam mail.

    • PoohGQ

      Been all MS for the last 12 years (even with all the headaches they’ve put me through), but having all the services in one place has been less distressful. I had files also on AltaVista, Excite, etc., and when they all went bust it was a nightmare!

    • Dig The Noise

      Exactly. A Gmail account for all those registrations asking for an email address they can spam, and for my 1 friend that still uses Gmail, and a Google Voice phone number for the same.
      In the last 3 months, too, I’ve participated in 3 webinars where participants were NOT allowed to used Gmail accounts for their email address. Interesting.

      • grs_dev

        If I can find an alternative to Google Voice, then I’d practically have 0 need for Google.

        • S_A_R_K_I_S

          Skype 😉

          • grs_dev

            Skype doesn’t let you do the same things google voice can.

          • S_A_R_K_I_S

            care to explain :)

          • grs_dev
          • S_A_R_K_I_S

            still think you should move to Skype 😉 if you live in the US or Canada then I could understand why you would use it because its free, however in Europe and the UK Skype is king…the other fancy stuff GV has is useless….you can get unlimited calls do that defeats the purpose of GV :)

        • jagster

          Google Voice (formerly Grand Central) and YouTube are the only Google products that I have any use for.

          • grs_dev

            @jagster:disqus Right on! Even with youtube. I only visit it with private browsing on.

  • Ef Jay

    Personally I don’t see a reason why people use ANY google services. Anything they provide can be obtained elsewhere but people get hooked on the word “free” and can’t think straight anymore. More fool them.

  • Sean C Kerr

    Well this will be the final nail in the coffin of me leaving gmail for Thanks for the help in making my decision Google!

  • S_A_R_K_I_S

    I would say this……google will come back, just like Arnold….but in the meantime here are some real wise words from Peter…….

  • PoohGQ

    “..when users connect their new Windows Phone or Windows tablet their Google calendar will be inaccessible…”
    “Hello, SkyDrive! Nice to meet you,”

  • S_A_R_K_I_S

    I would say this……google will come back, just like Arnold….but in the meantime here are some real wise words from Peter……….

  • Prevacator

    I’m pretty sure Live Calendar supports CalDAV. I was able to link a Google calendar my robotics team uses to my Live Account using the Live Calendar manual import.

  • kooksta

    MS Pull all service offerings off android immediately.

    • BottledWater

      Microsoft is inclusive – that’s one of the reasons they have been so successful. Let them bleed a few hundred thousand accounts then they’ll realize what asses they are.

  • GG002

    Google screwing their customers even more, for Google’s own personal vendetta.

  • xma1e

    Screw you Google! Oh, wait, I’m not using Google because I switched ages ago.

    Good job I told my nephew to use MS mail on his android for better Win 8 integration

  • JerkFace

    Bye bye, Google!

  • Pookiewood

    Let’s see what Google thing do I use? Oh yeah Youtube! I was using Youtube before Google came along and pissed all over the walls with ads. It’s the only Google service I use.

  • Sambo

    I think that there is fear amongst the Google and Apple ecosystems because a lot of things that have occurred recently point to the fact that they are worried about the increased interest in the Windows 8/Windows Phone 8 platforms.

    ABOUT TIME !!!!

  • Mark Gibbs

    I don’t get it? why the heck to cell carriers push android on people knowing that once they sign in its all about advertising …Why not go with an licensed company like MS or Apple .. that will not sell your sol.

  • inyourbase

    Yes, because I want push notifications for my spam email account!!! That’s all Gmail is good for. Thanks for making it easier for me, GOOG.

  • Wayneo

    Google not supporting MS features and Apple want money from a service that don’t run from their ecosystem. I vaguely remember Google and Apple CEO’s having closed door meetings a couple months back. :) And this is what they decided to do, try to stifle MS market growth. Sounds like some persons at the top are very concerned about MS. I wonder why?

    MS Windows Phone market share is expanding at a rapid rate, 200% growth in some markets. Now that is scary. MS should do what they want, charge Apple users $50 each for Skydrive and Office access and drop the bomb on Android with non paid licenses. Surface and WinP8 will become attractive.

    MS has the upper hand and they both know it. Sounds like scared chickens to me.

  • Gromanon

    Google is officially a d!(k!

  • Iain Simpson

    I only have 1 point to make here. who in there right mind would use anything associated with Google to begin with.

  • Cormang

    I think it’s obvious Google is threatened by Microsoft’s success lately. Now they are hoping on Apple’s bandwagon and building walls. Sounds familiar…

    I started using All my gMail accounts are now going to my account. I guess it’s a good thing I set this up.

  • donzebe

    As soon as Apple or Microsoft come out with an alternative to youtube be useless.

  • jimski27

    Good news. Another compelling reason to get users to completely abandon the Google ecosystem. Just made my job easier. Thanks.

  • Schooner1984

    I know there is much love for gmail amongst the masses, and I even was excited when I got an invite to Google Circles earlier this year. Of course, I don’t even remember what it is called now, because I only went there two or three times and found it useless (It may well have fewer users than WP). MS gives me everything I need, except for Google Voice, I find it extremely useful, and YouTube, when I want to watch some cheesy 80s videos of my youth.

  • Breakingillusions

    Care-0-meter Zero
    im outlook user

  • egg

    Sounds like bunch of losers are whining here. WP, lol.

  • Max

    Hmm… I’m just thinking: What would happen when Microsoft would automatically redirect all “Google” inputs in Windows browsers to Bing? Google would have nearly 0 users… That could ruin the whole company withing some days… 😀