Google’s Chromebook Pixel Makes the Surface Pro 3 Look Like a Bargain

We’ve all complained about the price of the Surface Pro 3, myself included. It’s frustrating that the keyboard is an extra $130 and comparatively spec’d ultrabooks are less expensive. Maybe one lesson is that consumers appreciate form factor, aesthetics, and convenience over technical specifications.

Microsoft spent a lot of time during the Surface Pro 3 press event comparing the tablet to a MacBook Air. After all the Redmond software giant is marketing this a “the tablet to replace your laptop.” Another beneficial comparison would have been with Google’s Chromebook Pixel.  The Verge wrote a rave review of the product giving it a 7.5/10, citing the “incredible design” and “excellent screen.” Interesting to note the original Surface Pro was given the same exact score by the incredible unbiased professional journalists at prestigious technology website “The Verge”

Let’s see how the Chromebook Pixel stacks up against the Surface Pro. I’ll compare it to the mid-level Chromebook Pixel LTE model to the mid-level Surface Pro 3.

Chromebook PixelSurface Pro 3
Price$1449$999 ($1128 w/ Type Cover)
Weight3.35 lbs1.7 lbs
ProcessorIntel i5 Ivy BridgeIntel i5 Haswell
Thickness16.5 mm9.1 mm
Aspect Ratio3:23:2
Battery Life5 Hours9 Hours
Keyboard IncludedYesNo
Screen Size/Touchscreen12.85” / Yes12” / Yes
USB2x 2.01x 3.0
Screen Resolution2560 x 1700 239 PPI2160 x 1440 216 PPI
OSChrome OSWindows 8.1 Update 1

Please comment below if you are planning on buying the clearly superior Chromebook Pixel. If you are impressed with Surface Pro 3, pre-order it from Microsoft Store today.

Source: Google Play


  • Bryan

    Suril trolling again…I’ll admit I’m entertained by this one.

    • Lj

      Yeah, but he’s not doing anything that the Apple fans (or Fox News) aren’t doing by comparing the Pro 3 to the iPad Air and claiming the Air a clear winner. And it is entertaining!

    • nohone

      Since when does showing how a Chromebook is over priced, under powered, and over priced compared to a Surface trolling? We hear over and over again how ChromeBook is taking over, how all the device makers are tripping over each other to create a ChromeBook, but when you compare devices that are similar to one another, then that is trolling.
      MS gave away a Surface Pro 3 to the press at their event. Already it has a higher market share than ChromeBook.

      • jaylyric

        “MS gave away a Surface Pro 3 to the press at their event. Already it has a higher market share than ChromeBook.” Lmao!! My favorite part of your comment.. You tell’em!!

    • Johan Spånberg

      Uhm… It’s a fair comparison. Two high-priced devices put side by side and you, the customer, can see where you get the most bang for the buck.

  • Willem Evenhuis

    Well by now I’m seeing and reading on different tech blogs that the surface pro is being stated as “the tablet to replace your laptop”. The thing is, people are still used to writing on a keyboard. So the decision to, yet again, omit the type cover as part of package still confuses me. In my view, there is no valid argument to sell the type cover as a seperate accessory. Windows 8 is still to a relevant degree a mouse and keyboard oriented device. The surface pro needs a hardware keyboard as part of the experience. Period.The price of the surface pro 3 is of itself quite a hefty price. The least they could do is include a type cover witin the price.

    • big_Stefano

      You know, if you have an older surface with a type cover, you could use that same type on the Pro 3… No need to spend $130

    • ajemokej

      Maybe you want to connect your existing real keyboard and mouse when in PC mode, and use only touchscreen when you go mobile.

      • Willem Evenhuis

        yes, that’s also an option. Luckily microsoft thought of that. But why then design the bezel then with a connector compatible with a type cover? And why put the type cover as much in the limelight as the tablet itself? Why not advertise instead that your own keyboard and mouse is compatible and tell the type cover as a minor option? Why invest all the effort in a proprietary port for the type cover that would probably otherwise never be used, certainly for such a high end design? Wouldn’t that be a waste of designspace when less is more? Just saying that if the surface is designed to accompany a peripheral solely compatible to the surface line, why not include the cover? To me it feels like a smartphone without it’s proprietary battery as part of the package deal.

        • Stuart

          To give you options, either buy an ultra portable clip on keyboard, or use your own in the setup of your choice

  • redtidal

    Why couldn’t MS just release an version with mobile connection ready?

    • donzebe

      Then it will be limited to a particular carrier and band, unless it has to be unlock global GSM only. Those carrier specific models can come later.

  • Rikkirik

    Chromebooks global market share is not even close to 0,05%. Chromebooks are no laptop and nothing more than an overpriced tablet with keyboard. It’s funny how tech sites like the Verge can be excited about crap and try to convince their readers to buy crap.

  • minhin

    The public and Microsoft are confused. It’s not ok for Xbox to bundle Kinect. It’s ok for the public to cry MS should bundle type cover with SP3 at $100 cost more.
    Customer is always right when all choose one side, however, if it 2 sided, what would MS do?

    • nohone

      I am a customer, I say ChromeBook sucks. Since I, the customer, is always right, the ChromeBook sucks. Q.E.D.

  • Jeff D

    If you have to compare a Surface Pro 3 to a Chromebook Pixel to show its value then Microsoft is in trouble.

  • Eli_Vance

    Chromebooks have been a huge failure but the tech media won’t make a big issue of it

  • tomakali

    A tech blog comparing chromebook with windows or even iPad is a dumb blog actually. this planet knows this sound and clear

  • ChromeBook User

    Funny :) I would like to see a real comparison with a ChromeBook. compare the future product of the MSTS3 with one of the up comming ChromeBooks and not the Pixel that was a Demo product that was presented over a year ago…

  • Tom Fotos

    The SP3 has been probably the most satisfying purchase I have made. My IPad is now collecting dust. I looked at Chromebooks prior to buying this, but they just didn’t compare. I can still stay connected with all my Android stuff (which I am a huge fan boy of) via Google Chrome extensions. If there isn’t an app for my SP3 in the Microsoft store, I just go into desktop mode and voila! The keyboard for this thing is the best one I have used on any tablet. If you are on the fence about whether or not to buy one and you are looking for a lap top replacement that also is a fantastic tablet, then buy it. You will not regret it. It is great for work, school, and fun.