Google’s Eric Schmidt: “Microsoft’s Bing has continued to gain in popularity”

imageGoogle is defending themselves in front of the US Senate, and of course is trying to diffuse accusations that they are a monopoly by claiming their competitors are a bit more competitive than they really are.

Google’s Eric Schmidt’s opening comments should therefore be taken with a pinch of salt when he said:

Among major search engines, Microsoft’s Bing has continued to gain in popularity, perhaps because it comes pre-installed as the search default on over 70 percent of new computers sold. Microsoft’s Bing is the exclusive search provider for Yahoo! and Facebook. Microsoft recently signed a deal for Bing to power English language search on the fast-rising Chinese search engine Baidu, which Baidu has acknowledged will help it become more competitive in markets outside of China. In addition to Internet Explorer, Microsoft has integrated Bing into its popular gaming console, the Xbox 360, which it is in talks with cable companies to convert into the set-top box of the future. Microsoft?s Bing launched in June 2009 and has grown so rapidly that some commentators have speculated that it could overtake Google as early as 2012.

Of course the kicker is that everything he said is in fact true, and Microsoft has managed to slowly gnaw away at Google’s monopoly, especially in the US, and while Microsoft may not overtake Google in 2012, 2014 would not seem so fantastical at all.


  • Anonymous

    Lol, Google is terrified of Microsoft and Bing. It will be easy to nullify Google TV because that was an absolute joke, but now Google is looking at Marketshare in the 50’s or lower by the end of next year… pwned

  • Monkey D Black

    so he was trying to take the attention off google and their monopolistic ways. lets see how this plays out.

  • Anonymous

    So why is Bing losing $1 billion a year if it’s so popular? And what percentage of mobile searches does Google have? If Google wants to talk pre installed then let’s talk about cell phones too. Jack wipes.
    And how about their giant arrow pointing to Google + on their homepage today? That’s a bit self serving. Never seen anything like that on Bing.

  • Anonymous

    outside the US bing sucks compared to Google. Google maps for example just has vastly more detail. When someone who makes a post claiming Schmidts comments should be taken with a pinch of slat then goes onto say everything he says is infact true do you really expect to be taken seriously? Bing has cost Microsoft $5.5 billion since its launch in 2009 and is now at loses of $1 billion a quarter.  No wonder Apple have surpassed them in market value. They have to increase dividends and its stock price has been largely static over the last 10 years. All this is not really a problem as Microsoft can afford it. The real problem is bing is just a copy of google and in some cases even hijacks its results. The pages even have a similar look and layout. If Microsoft seriously wants to take on google then come up with something new unique, interesting and useful. 

    • littleDanderson

      Although his stament is odd, it makes sense to say to take Schmidts’ comments with a grain of salt in this case, because if he weren’t in front of the senate, he would never give Bing so much praise, even if what he said was true. Also, the look and feel of google now, is a direct result of Bing’s different take on search.

      • Anonymous

        Thats just not true, Schmidt has always said Gogoles main competitor was not Apple or Facebook but Bing. In 2010 he described Bing as ” Bing is a well-run, highly competitive search engine”. See

        Bings take on search has been no different to Googles thats the point. Both are so similar its obvious. I have no problem with Bing copying Google everyone does it. Standing on the shoulder of giants and all. Though cloning Google search isnt going to make me switch to Bing. They need to do it better just apple did with the iPhone. they also need to get more detail in most of the world.

        • recca

          “The pages even have a similar look and layout. If Microsoft seriously wants to take on google then come up with something new unique, interesting and useful”.. think it again, cmiiw, bing is the first search engine with fresh layout that google even copy that style to google search layout (altough it just optional..)

          • Anonymous

            You do now that generally search engines haven’t really changed since the days of Altavista. Even today eye surveys which examine what part of the page and for how long each part is looked at pretty much split nearly all search engines up into the same segments and same areas. Ads to the right, filter to the left or top, search bar to the top and the result in the middle down. Any changes Google or Microsoft have down are pretty much cosmetic. Look at what Google have done, adding street view, the omnibar, instant, web history etc etc.  

          • Anonymous

            you must be trolling much huh? because bing does offer something unique and useful. That’s the reason google copied Bing!