Got Questions About Surface Pro 3? Microsoft’s Panos Panay Doing Reddit AmA On Tuesday

Surface Pro 3 4

Microsoft announced the new Surface Pro 3 at an press event in New York earlier this week. You can even pre-order it from Microsoft Store today. If you have got any questions on Surface Pro 3 or want to know about the design decisions of Surface Pro 3 products, here is a chance for you. Panos Panay, Corporate Vice President of Surface team at Microsoft is doing a Reddit AmA session. It is scheduled to take place on Tuesday at 1PM EDT / 10AM PDT.

Surface team previously did a Reddit AmA after the original Surface RT and Surface 2/Surface Pro 2 launch. You can read about it from the links below.

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Source: Reddit via: Neowin

  • Name goes here

    Can somebody please ask Panos whether Microsoft will ever sell non-hybrid devices? Like a true laptop and dedicated tablet? Something that doesn’t compromise its purpose.

    • Charlie

      Or why not develop a dock with an egpu to boost performance for graphic intensive tasks that the core i7 on its own still can’t handle? As a design engineer. Probably would also open up a whole new market to PC gamers as well.

  • Emi the Strange

    ZzZ and here comes the “why no wacom pen? Ntrig onlyz haz 256 levelz of crapz, it must be crap becuase I used once ntrig and didn’t like it”. becuase you know, not many people have used SP3, but some had made the drama about it, even though most graphical artist already have their wacom next to them, so if they need the 1024/2048 levels of pressure, and the “wacom” brand they say they want, they can just plug it in.

    • nohone

      They need to manufacture some reason to hate it. When it beats one of their favorites (MacBook Air) then they need to latch onto some feature they don’t have to “prove” it is bad. And when their favorite copies that same feature, then they forget about everything they said and manufacture something new.

      • Guest

        Once again whining about the competition. You really have an obsession for the victim perception of yourself.

        • nohone

          Once again the coward is whining about what other people write. Scurry along, you worthless nothing.

          • Guest

            So filled with fear and hate, I wish the best little one.

  • SCOOBY_666UK

    Have Microsoft ever considered an extra friction hinge for the Keyboard Cover. That way The Kickstand can be used for Tablet mode and the Keyboard Hinge can be used for Laptop Mode… to make it feel absolutely like a Laptop.

  • Willem Evenhuis

    Ow, snap, I can’t be at this ama. Could someone as the question for me for Panay:

    Will microsoft push forward a unified inking experience to the surface pro 3 this year? I think this is the missing icing on the cake that could make the surface pro three the perfect device for me. see also this article by microsoft news:

    subquestion on this issue: will microsoft also consider a unified inking experince across the whole OS and its native apps, office, onenote, onedrive and bing? I think that would make the surface pro 3 and specically the surface pro lineup a great experince. It’s something I’m missing with my stylus ever since the first day of my surface pro 1st gen. I would like to write doodle in email, calendar and the people hub. Jot names quickly in the app with ink-to-text recognition. I would like to do inline search with my stylus in bing search with inline ink to text recognition, as annotate notes in documents but also postscriptum ink-to text recognition for legible handwriting. I think these degrees of freedom will make the surface pro a true joy with both of best worlds a laptop and a familiar tablet that feels true to the pen and paper experience, even perhaps more powerful than that (ink-to-text recognition). If cortana is being baked into a future windows, why not ink-to-text recognition as well?