Great Deal: Get Surface 2 32GB For $374 Only, Plus $50 Off On Touch/Type Covers

Surface 2 deal

Microsoft Store is running a great limited time deal for consumers in the US on Surface 2 devices. They can get a $75 off on Surface 2, so you can now buy a Surface 2 device starting at $374. There is also another offer going on which can be combined with this $75 off promotion. You can buy Surface 2 and save $50 on any Touch or Type Cover. After adding Surface 2 cart, choose your cover and add it to the card. The deal will be automatically applied in your cart. So, you can get a Surface 2 32GB device with Touch Cover for $424! Find the store link below.

Order Surface 2 for $374 from Microsoft Store here.

  • Greg

    So far no announcements or hints of a Surface 3 (RT). Is RT dead on tablets? The low-cost low-power Intel chips are getting “good enough” that the arguments for ARM are getting weaker on tablet form-factors. Should be interesting to see how this shakes out.

  • robertwade

    Not the Pro version? Not interested.

  • pirate78

    Awesome deal! Surface 2 had made me very happy over the last year. For my needs, nothing comes close to what it is able to do.

    As for the comment regarding Surface 3 RT @Greg, based on the aesthetic makeup of the Surface 3 Pro, I believe that Microsoft had made it part of the same family of Surfi as that of Surface 2(WinRT). During the recent event where they unveiled the Surface 3 PRO, they were also going to announce the Mini (WinRT w/Pen). It was was going to have the same white paint job as the Surface 2 and 3 PRO, and, more then likely, was going to be named Surface 1.

    Microsoft was going for the trinity of Surfi:
    -Surface 1 (WinRT-Ultra portable, note taking device)
    -Surface 2 (WinRT-Mobile but powerful media capable consumer tablet)
    -Surface 3 PRO (Windows 8.* running on the top of the line Intel processor. Powerful DESKTOP PC in a Tablet capable form that can replace your laptop or desktop or both)

    This is just speculation of course, but it makes sense to me :). Mini is going to be released, as soon as Touch Office is completed…again, just speculation, but rational one :).