Great Deal: Xbox One Titanfall Edition Bundle For Just $399

Xbox One Titanfall Controller

This is an insane deal from Microsoft. Xbox One Titanfall Edition bundle can be ordered from Microsoft Store for just $399, down from its regular price of $499. With the Xbox One bundle, you get Xbox One console, Titanfall, and a month of Xbox Live Gold. Limited quantities, get yours now. You can also get Xbox Live Gold 12 months subscription for $39, instead of $59.  Find the deal here from Microsoft Store.
Microsoft Store Xbox One deal
To get Xbox One Titanfall Edition for $399, add the bundle to your cart in Microsoft Store from the following link and proceed to checkout. In the checkout page, use ‘1’ as the promo code and get $100 off.
Order Titanfall Xbox One bundle from Amazon from following link.
Order Titanfall from the following links,
Update: The code is no longer valid.
  • Gman

    1 promocode doesn’t work

    • Pradeep V

      I just tried it again, it works for me.. Check the screenshot above..

      • Jeff D

        Didn’t work for me.

      • krish

        it is definitely not working..

      • JayRay17

        Praddep V, check my post below. Microsoft will not be honoring orders made with the “1” promo code. It is not a valid code issued by Microsoft. I tried it from the American Microsoftstore site and it worked, did not work from the Canadian site, so I live chatted with a rep to ask why, and she told me that is an invalid code, and that orders will not be honored using that code.

  • DFranch

    Same here promo code not working. I was definitely going to jump on this deal. Free Titanfall and $100 off the XBOne.

  • Chris Kirby

    yeah, doesn’t work for me either. would have loved to grab this…too hard to pass up.

  • Myk1983

    Hate to break it to everyone but this is a lie.

  • Maharshi

    No Luck

  • Guest

    I only get $25 off without any promo code.

  • erichon99

    is this region specific? not working in USA

  • fallenprogrammr

    Code doesn’t work.

  • Simon Paul

    Damn, I was so tempted by this. But appears to no longer be available.

  • fallenprogrammr

    Pradeep, are you using the code from the US? specific state?

  • nadako

    Wow really this breaks my trust on this site

  • JayRay17

    I just live chatted with a Microsoftstore agent and was told that this is an invalid code not distributed by Microsoft, and that all orders that have been made with this code will not be processed.

  • WindowsSeat

    When its too good to be true, its not true. No way would they discount XB1 by $100 this early, on top of discounting a bundle. People are lucky they are even doing a bundle with their flagship game.