Great News For Microsoft: China Is Ending Its 13 Year Ban On Video Game Consoles Today

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China has ended its 13 year old ban on game consoles today. This should be a great news for Microsoft and Sony as their popular consoles can be sold in the world’s largest country. The new announcement from the government now allows foreign companies engaged in the production and sale of gaming entertainment devices to do their gaming related business in China. But as you can expect, there will be some authority that will review the games in accordance with Chinese culture.

China Gaming Ban Lifted

I guess Microsoft expected this announcement as it started a new entertainment venture in China few months back. Shanghai media company BesTV New Media Co., Ltd, revealed that it has plans for an entertainment development venture with Microsoft. BesTV will  hold a 51 percent share and Microsoft will hold 49 percent in the joint venture, initially planned to be known as E-Home Entertainment Development. The joint venture will develop games and related services, said BesTV.


  • Toink

    The world’s largest country is Russia. China is only 4th.

    The United states is still the world’s largest economy, China is 2nd.

    You must mean, ‘the world’s most populous country’

    It’s important to be more factual, than just pulling words out of thin air…

    • Nham Thien Duong

      Though the statistics above do still make China one of the most valuable, if not (arguably) the most valuable player (no pun intended).

    • KelvBlue

      In his defence, the term ‘largest’ can be considered correct, he just omitted the field in which the ‘largest’ is in…
      Russia – largest ‘size’ country
      US – largest ‘economy’ country
      China – largest ‘population count’ country
      ?? – largest ‘bewbs’ country

      • Toink

        Let’s call a spade, a spade. He clearly stated ‘largest country’.
        If the author want’s to be precise at writing facts, he must at least be more concise.
        This is not the first time Mr. Pradeep has been ‘lacking’, which is just sad.

    • Azjerei

      If you deduct the amount of money the US owes, they are hardly the world’s largest economy. I guess one of the big Asian countries is since they have very small, if any, amounts of borrowed money.

    • iLove2argue

      edit: worlds largest population

  • Nham Thien Duong

    This is great news for Microsoft, though I honestly don’t see how video-game consoles are against Socialism, as most of my Viet-Namese friends also grew up with the Sony PlayStation and Nintendo’s many consoles.

  • Azjerei

    I guess Battlefield 4 won’t be on their Like List 😉

  • Adrian

    This is a trump card for Microsoft. Now you can buy consoles there already illegally(law is really not enforced), but for a super high cost. With current things going on with China and Japan(island conflict and shrines to war criminals), I think China will put more restrictions on PS4 than Xbox One. Expect them to sell 20 million in China alone this generation.