Hack gets you free Windows 8, but what’s the point


A relatively easy hack has been uncovered which results in a free installation of Windows 8.

The hack relies on the Windows Media Centre upgrade replacing an illegitimate key used to install the OS.

First a pirate would install Windows 8 with any key and activate this using a key management system which accepts any key, which should result 180 days of Windows 8 use before the KMS is forced to call home and verify the install keys.

Next our eye-patched user simply applies for the free upgrade for Windows 8 Pro that adds Windows Media Centre, which does not check if the current installation key is valid. The new key replaces the old, invalid key, and our pirate is home free.

Of course one can ask what the point of all these shenanigans are, when Windows 8 costs as little at $39. Now seems the perfect time for long-time pirates to come in from the cold and finally use their operating system guilt and worry free.

Via WindowsWave and Neowin.net.

  • Bugbog

    Hear, Hear!

  • markiz

    It’s 40$ for an upgrade only.

    • Ocelotty1

      Not an upgrade but a full OS if you choose not to keep any of your old files/ settings & go for a full install. I have Win 8 on 3 machines & I’m contemplating getting a couple more before the deal runs out.

  • http://twitter.com/counterblow the person

    $15 upgrade if you got a PC recently….and they are VERY lax on where you get this “new” PC to get that upgrade price.

  • http://94octane.com Beezer

    I’ll admit I’ve pirated the shit out of Windows XP, and one machine for 7. But for 8. I actually bought the licenses for the machines that I would be keeping. At $40. I can’t be that big of a prick and not pay.

  • Schooner1984

    A way to see it W8 will work on my three year old HP Tablet. Was not impressed with the preview/beta version in the Spring. Win7 Pro works like a charm. Will check this out before I plonk down $39.99 for W8.