Halo 4 estimated to have sold 3.1 million copies in 24 hours


Video game analyst site VGChartz have estimated that 3.1 million copies of Microsoft’s new edition of Halo have been sold in the first 24 hours, beating all previous versions. It is estimate than more than 4 million copies will be sold in the first week.

The number is 15% up on Halo 3 and Halo 3:Reach, with 1.9 million copies believed to have been sold in the US alone.

The game, 343 Industries’ first, has been very well received by critics, with some even calling it the best game of 2012, and was launched in part by having 10,000 stores open at midnight on the 8th November around the world.

Via BGR.com

  • Lasp24

    microsoft should make Halo app on the windows phone, that would be amazing and add atleast half a million customers to get a windows phone

    • AK_91

      Its called HaloWaypoint!

      • Bugbog

        Not yet available on RT. Why?

        • textomatic

          Launch Halo 4 on your 360 and Smartglass on the Surface. They communicate with each other and do some fancy stuff.

  • JoshC

    I’m one of those 3 milion, also it is the best game of 2012 hands down