Halo 4 Will Be Released On Xbox 360 Next Year, Not Xbox 720

After the series of rumors about Xbox 720 codenamed ‘Loop’ that it will be announced at CES 2012, Halo series director Frank O’Connor has dismissed all the speculations that the next version of Halo will be released on Xbox 360.

“Halo 4 will be on Xbox 360 and use a modified core of the Halo engine(s). Not really a singular engine since it goes through fairly radical evolutions all the time,”

Xbox ‘Loop’/720 was rumored to feature six-core CPU and dual-GPU hardware setup. You can read about the hardware specs and CES 2012 launch date speculations here. After Frank’s above comment on online forums, many started speculating that “just because it’ll be on the 360 doesn’t mean it won’t be on the 720” .. Whatever, I want to see Xbox 720 ASAP ! ! !

via: IBTimes


  • Anonymous

    If you want to see a 720 ASAP then dream on.  Given the currently high sales numbers for 360 and Kinect, there is simply no reason for MS to release a new console.  XBOX is finally turning a profit and MS will want to maintain that for at least another year or two before they gamble on another console release which they will probably have to sell for a loss again.  They may even release another hardware refresh in the meantime to make the unit lighter, more energy efficient, and even cheaper to manufacture.

  • Anonymous

    I hope Microsoft sticks to their original promise of releasing the next-gen Xbox ten years after the 360; we don’t want half-assed hardware like the Wii U and PS Vita.