Help Us Redesign Our Site

We’re looking for feedback and ideas to redesign the website. While the site looked okay a few years back and it is in great need of a UI update. Some basic goals for the re-design are:

  • Responsive Design
  • Site that works great on mobile devices
  • Touch friendly website
  • Metro design
  • New Logo

As you may or may not be aware this site is primarily run by Pradeep and myself in our spare time. We both have regular day jobs and are making virtually no money on this site. We continue to blog because of you our readers. We hope that we are providing a unique and independent enthusiast perspective focused on Microsoft news. We do not want to be in a position where we have to ask for donations to keep the site running.

We would also like to get your feedback on content on the site. Would you like to see certain topics covered more, less, etc? How do you normally visit this site, through wmpoweruser, facebook, twitter, etc?

If you are a blogger/writer and would like to contribute to the site, your submissions are always welcome.

We bounced around some ideas created in MS Paint a few months back but were never satisfied with the result:



msnewssite (2)


Our concepts turned out to be really poor and will of course not be used. So we could really use your help, feedback, and ideas to help re-design this website and make it more modern.

Please comment below or if you would like to email me privately surilamin (at) live (dot) com

P.S. Friendly reminder to grab your Mom something for mother’s day! (Four days away)

  • TechWorld

    How about you guys focus on improving your content and authors. Your writing sucks and your “authors” steal stories from other sites.

  • vincentw56

    Stop double-posting your articles. You post them on this site and on the the Windows Phone site. This pollutes my news feed.

  • Bryan

    You know I really enjoy the crazy editorials the most. Oh and that post on Stephen Elop, only this site was crazy enough to post that.

  • that_guy

    Why not make it look like Microsoft’s website or take cue’s from it.

  • DH Dog

    Finally! I can only help you guys with QA because that’s exactly what i do, Web QA.

  • TechWorld

    Oh wow, so you also delete comments too? Can’t take criticism I see. As I was saying, before I was rudely deleted. You guys should focus on writing better and not lift stories from other sites (you know what i’m talking about).

    And that concept is ugly. Looks like you copy/pasted elements from winrumors. How original.

  • SategB

    I would suggest that UI would benefit greatly from faster page loading times.

    Thanks, the request for users input is appreciated.

    • Guest

      Get lost troll!

  • CX1

    The massive wall of photos is fine for desktop but is clunky and counter productive on mobile. I don’t want to scroll for 5-10 seconds getting to the actual stories.

    Whatever you do don’t use the template from That site never loads and looks and works awful on mobile.

  • Vương Vi-Nhuyễn – 王微軟

    I’d say make it look more like a Windows Phone, important news-stories get a big tile, and less important news-stories a smaller tile. 😛 Jokes aside, this site is already better than W.M.PowerUser when it concerns mobile, so I’d advise the users to first test it on Internet Explorer Mobile before accepting the new redesign, personally I mostly use this website with my P.C. and excluding the new Microsoft Snap Attack game, there has never really been a ”touch-friendly” thing that my mouse and keyboard had any trouble with. :-)

  • Jorgen

    As long as you don’t take any advice from and their new design you’ll most likely be ok 😉