Hot Deal: Microsoft Surface – 64GB With Black Touch Cover For $299

Microsoft Surface

If you are looking for a cheap 10-inch tablet that will also serve you for your productivity needs, here is the answer. The first generation Microsoft Surface 64GB model with Black Touch Cover is now available for just $299 from Microsoft Store. This is a 5 day sale from Microsoft Store. That’s $30 off of current discounted price – but a whopping $200 savings from original price of $499! Offer Starts today and ends 5/9, end of day 11:59 pm.

Place the order for Microsoft Surface 64gb with black Touch Cover for on Microsoft Store for $329, use the Promo code AFF5DAY at checkout for the $299 deal price.

You can order Surface 64GB Surface for $299 here.

  • efjay

    Even with all these fire sales Microsoft still isn’t making any dent in the tablet market. They really should dump RT and give people proper windows with an atom chip at a cheaper price than the surface pro. Way more potential even if its just enterprise sales that pick up.

    • deathdealer351

      I would love a surface with win8.1 home with a keyboard, atom 64gb and such for 299

  • NGM123

    Are these original production units or is MS still producing the original Surface along side 2 ?