Hotmail now supports IE9 Pinned Sites Notification


One of the innovations Microsoft added to IE9 is support for notifications in websites pinned to the task bar.

Facebook and Ebay already supports this, and now finally one of Microsoft’s highest profile properties, Hotmail, is also getting support for this feature.

To get desktop notifications for new email on your taskbar without installing any additional software one simply need to sign in to Hotmail in IE9, go to your Inbox and drag the Hotmail tab from the address bar in IE down to the taskbar, and drop it there.

The Jump List on the Pinned site of course also gives quick and easy access to shortcuts for composing a new email, your calendar and contacts.

Windows Live Hotmail is the world’s largest web-based email service with nearly 364 million users, far ahead of rivals Yahoo! Mail (280 million) and Gmail (191 million).

Read more about IE9 and Hotmail together here.

  • Sergey Durnov

    Hooray! Finally!

  • Web Hosting Review

    oh at last

  • Johan Nilsson

    I thoght I would get a notification without having the facebook-page open, I still need to open facebook for the notification to show in the taskbar. Bummer. :(

    Also, that notification-star is damn ugly.

  • Steve

    I dont get any notifications ? No unread number? Its pinned I see the jump lists.. but no notifications ?