Hotmail Targeting Power Users With Upcoming New Features

new hotmail flags

Today Hotmail team detailed the upcoming features in Hotmail that helps us to better manage our email load. They claim that “Hotmail gets flags right”, you may agree with them by seeing what’s coming in Hotmail in next few weeks.

Hotmail has made a simple and elegant change to the way flags work. Now when you flag an email, three things happen:

  • It immediately moves to the top of your Inbox
  • It is marked as flagged, just like before
  • It shows up in the Flagged Quick View, just like before

Here’s a peek at my Inbox, with a few messages flagged:

The flagged emails are right at the top of my Inbox where I can find them easily. Unflagging a message makes it go back to where it came from in the message list, and it’s easy to flag or unflag a message just by clicking on the flag icon in the message list. Flagged messages show up at the top of the Inbox even if they are in other folders, which makes it easy to stay organized and still keep important messages right up front.

With a single click an user can hide all these flagging stuff. There are lots more for power users, you can read them in detail at Hotmail team blog.

  • Milad Bazzaz

    I’m still extremely upset that Microsoft supports FLAGGING in Gmail but doesn’t do the same with Hotmail in Windows Phone …I mean seriously, WTF. How can you support a rivals product more than your own?

    This is even way worse than Photosynth being on iOS but not on WP7 or other goodies first coming to rival platforms.

    Hotmail is a great mail provider though, sorry for getting off-topic.

  • Anonymous

    All of this is utterly useless without an update for Windows Live Mail and the Email app on the phone. I almost never go on to the website to check my mail.

    • WixosTrix

      It will come.

  • Anonymous

    I can have flagged emails in Gmail show up on my Windows Phone, just like with Outlook???  See ya Hotmail!