Hover Comes To Windows 8.1

We previously reported on the IE team bringing the classic Windows 95 game “Hover” back to life as a web version.  The revival of the game has proven to be quite popular and Microsoft has now made the game available as a Windows 8.1 app.  The game will not run on Windows 8.0, Windows 8.1 only.  The game does not yet feature the multiplayer features available in the web version, although Microsoft is considering adding this in the future.

Download Hover : Microsoft Store

  • Bruno Gimenes

    Can’t download…The store is just refreshing to homescreen..

  • Wayne Sebbens

    “View in Store” link from the website goes only to the home page. Hover can be found by searching in the store, but trying to buy it pops a dialog saying it’s no longer available

  • Qtek8020User

    Please bring back Terminal Velocity!