How Much Disk Space Does Surface Pro 3 Use Out Of The Box And Other Questions Answered

Microsoft announced Surface Pro 3 device earlier this week at a press event. We have covered lots of information on the device, I’m sure you still might have lots of unanswered questions about the device. Ed Bott from ZDNet today posted some commonly asked questions and answers regarding the device. For example, a 64 GB Surface Pro 3 unit has more than 36 GB of available disk space, Windows scales up by the factor of 1.5 on Surface Pro 3’s 3:2 screen for better experience  and more.

What’s the display resolution on the Surface Pro 3?

The native resolution is 2160×1440. That’s a 3:2 aspect ratio, and the width is exactly enough to allow you to snap three apps at equal widths, side by side, in Windows 8.1.

Because of the screen size, Windows scales the display by a factor of 1.5, which makes the effective resolution on the device itself a very sharp 1440×960. If you plug an external monitor in using the mini-Display Port adaptor, you can drive a 4K display.

How much disk space does Surface Pro 3 use out of the box?

The documentation for the Surface Pro 3 still includes a disclaimer: “System software uses significant storage space…” The new model is much less greedy than its predecessor, however. The two Recovery partitions on the original Surface Pro, running Windows 8, take up 600 MB and 7.81 GB, respectively. On the Surface Pro 3, with the Spring 2014 Windows 8.1 Update preinstalled, the corresponding Recovery partitions are only 350 MB and 4.98 GB. That’s a net increase of more than 3 GB of free space just from the Recovery partitions.

According to the spec sheets, a 64 GB Surface Pro 3 has more than 36 GB of available disk space; for the 128, 256, and 512 GB configurations, the corresponding amounts are 96, 211, and 450 GB, respectively.

Read the complete Q&A list from ZDNet here.

Pre-order it from Microsoft Store today.

  • DTM

    Just not enough space. The 64gb model shouldn’t even exist. And its still $800!! Priced way too high

    • Bugbog

      Yes 64GB (36GB) is low, but with microSD expansion by 64/128GB that is more than adequate as a mobile device.

      The fact is, anyone that uses it as their primary computer (replacement
      for laptop and tablet), will still have external hard drives at home.
      I’ve got a desktop as my primary device, and I can’t tell you how many
      external hard drives I have!

    • Emi the Strange

      then it seems you can’t understand this product.
      and only because you can’t afford it, it doesn’t make it “priced way too high”.

      do you understand this is a premium product? and the materials and the size and components are not the cheapest?

      there are many cheaper tablets, hybrids and laptops/ultrabooks already available to choose from? you know dell, lenovo, HP, Asus, etc etc etc…. and Microsoft doesn’t want to step on them because they are their partners, and Microsoft wouldn’t gain nothing but trouble entering that market of non premium products.
      you find this “way too high”? then it’s not targeted at you, becuase a SP3 it’s cheaper than a MBA.

    • jaylyric

      Here we go with the ” Priced way too high” stuff.. If that’s the case,than it’s competition is priced extravagantly high..

    • jaylyric

      Here’s an example from an article posted today:

      “Let’s see how the Chromebook Pixel stacks up against the Surface Pro. I’ll compare it to the mid-level Chromebook Pixel LTE model to the mid-level Surface Pro 3.”

      Chromebook Pixel Surface Pro 3
      Price $1449 $999 ($1128 w/ Type Cover)
      SSD 64GB. 128GB
      Weight 3.35 lbs. 1.7 lbs
      Intel i5 Ivy Bridge Intel i5 Haswell
      Thickness 16.5 mm 9.1 mm
      Aspect Ratio 3:2. 3:2
      Battery Life 5 Hours vs 9 Hours
      Keyboard Included Yes vs No
      Screen Size/Touchscreen 12.85” / Yes 12” / Yes
      USB 2x 2.0 vs 1x 3.0
      Screen Resolution 2560 x 1700 239 PPI vs 2160 x 1440 216 PPI
      LTE Yes vs No
      OS Chrome OS vs Windows 8.1

    • nohone

      What price would you suggest? $35, maybe $50. Is that price allowed?

    • Luke Murphy

      Cloud storage is the future, 64GB is plenty imo… Music, documents, pictures can be all housed on One Drive, why bother with local storage?

  • Willem Evenhuis

    I agree, microsoft has priced the whole surface 3 pro line up to high, and it even doesnt include a type cover! If reports come in that actual first two to three quarters of the surface pro 3 sales are increadibly low, I can understand perfectly why. I think the surface pro 3 won’t sell well untill the price has dropped significantly, maybe even only aftermarket. This is a pitty as hardwarewise the specs look good and the device seems more than adequately durable. Will easily last at least the next 5 years.

  • Guest

    Cloud storage is the future, 64GB is plenty imo… Music, documents, pictures can be all housed on One Drive, why bother with local storage??

    • chris


  • Stephen Beckett

    just bought a brand new 128gb surface pro 3 installed win 10 straight out of the box and am left with 76gb not even near the 96 advertised by MS.