HP Announces HP Slate 2 Powered By Windows 7

HP today announced the successor to HP Slate device called HP Slate 2. HP Slate 2 similar to its predecessor with few changes. It will cost from $699.

The Slate 2 Tablet PC has a 1024 x 600-resolution, 8.9-inch N-Trig panel, an included stylus, and runs Windows 7. HP has refreshed it with a new Intel Atom Oak Trail Z670 processor, a faster 64GB mSATA drive, and a Swype keyboard. Other changes include an always-exciting TPM chip for security, a new Bluetooth keyboard dock, and a flat black cover, rather than the grey textured one on the original.

Product description from The Verge.

Press Release:

HP Introduces Multitouch Slate Tablet PC for Business
PALO ALTO, Calif., Nov. 3, 2011 – HP today announced the HP Slate 2 Tablet PC with expanded touch capabilities, enhanced multitasking performance and embedded security, providing added flexibility to mobile business users.

The company also announced a new notebook PC targeting business, education and government customers.

The HP Slate 2 Tablet PC provides instant deployment for business and vertical markets such as education, healthcare, government and retail, where jobs frequently take users away from a traditional desk. With a full-featured Microsoft Windows® environment, the 1.5 pound HP
Slate 2 Tablet PC provides professionals with the flexibility to create, edit and review content on one highly mobile and lightweight device.

“HP is dedicated to the tablet PC category and continues to listen to customers and improve the product in ways that best address their business needs,” said Dan Forlenza, vice president and general manager, Commercial Managed IT Segment, HP. “The HP Slate includes the right mix of rich features, support for custom-built applications, and the security and connectivity needed for today’s highly mobile and rigorous day-to-day professional environment.”

The HP Slate 2 Tablet PC features an 8.9-inch diagonal capacitive multitouch display for touch and pen input plus includes a new Swype keyboard. The Swype applet enhances the touch experience with comfortable and efficient data entry via one continuous finger or stylus motion across the screen keyboard.

The HP Slate 2 Tablet PC comes with an Intel® Atom Z670 processor with mSATA SSM technology to deliver faster boot times, improved battery life of up to six hours and increased performance for business customers.

“The Slate Tablet PC’s combination of an Intel Atom processor and flash memory deliver excellent performance,” said Dr. Rick LeMoine of Sharp HealthCare in San Diego. ―I don’t know how they do it, but sometimes it seems to me that the Slate runs these applications faster than my desktop PC does.”

Additional hardware and software enhancements to the HP Slate 2 Tablet PC’s security and experience include:
– A TPM Embedded Security Chip protects data – from email to information on the hard drive.
– Embedded Security for HP ProtectTools provides user control and management of the TPM chip to increase secure user authentication, improved personal secure drive integrity, secure email and support protected digital certificate applications.
– BIOS support for Computrace Pro helps protect against data theft by allowing customers to remotely delete data at the file, directory or operating system level and keep confidential information more secure.
– Through a single user interface, HP Connection Manager offers easy control over wireless connections, including Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth® and optional integrated 3G Mobile Broadband for convenient internet and intranet access from more places around the world.

For remote workers, a front-facing VGA webcam enables videoconferencing, and a 3-megapixel camera on the back allows for still image and video capture. SRS Premium Sound provides optimized audio settings for voice and multimedia applications and an SD card slot allows for expanded storage and sharing capabilities. The HP Slate Dock provides device connection via two USB 2.0 ports and an HDMI port.

Flexible HP Slate solutions for business
The HP Slate 2 Tablet PC comes with optional additional accessories and business solutions including the HP Retail Mobile Point of Sale (POS) Case, which features an integrated magnetic stripe reader and barcode scanner for retailers. The case attaches to the HP Slate 2 and creates a secure portable POS solution that personalizes transactions, boosts productivity and sales, and integrates into existing application and hardware infrastructure. In addition, the HP Slate 2 helps retailers combine online and enterprise access to applications and services including task management workflows, inventory data and custom orders. The optional HP Slate Bluetooth® Keyboard and Case accessory is a new sleek, stylish executive-class carrying solution that bundles the HP Slate 2, a rechargeable Bluetooth keyboard, HP Slate Digital Pen, and ID, business, or credit cards inside a single case.

Lightweight business notebooks
Designed for mobile professionals, the HP 3115m offers up to 11.5 hours of battery life, flexible wireless capabilities, an 11.6-inch diagonal LED-backlit HD display, Beats Audio™ and a high-definition webcam for collaboration with peers. The new AMD E450 dualcore Fusion APU with AMD Radeon HD 6320 graphics provides greater performance than a netbook without weighing professionals down.

Pricing and availability
– The HP Slate 2 Tablet PC starts at $699 and is expected to be available worldwide later this month.
– The HP 3115m starts at $429 and is expected to be available Nov. 11 in the Americas only. More information about the products, including product specifications and images, is available at www.hp.com/personal.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZWIQU6F5MNQWGAIOKNHSCSJFDE Brian

    We need an over/under poll for how many days after it goes on sale before HP buries the Slate 2.

    • Anonymous

      If the Standard hard drive is 64 and up, and the ram and speed is on par with the competitors, (hope a dual core processor) All Hp need to do is drop in MS Office as a standard app, I do not see this going under. It fits well with students and professionals. The included pen is a plus. I worried only on the resolution: 1024×600?

      • Anonymous

        Given that it’s an 8.9″ device, I think any higher resolutions would be pushing readability anyway.  The iPad is 1024 x 768, but it’s also a larger screen vertically to support it.  The Dell Streak 7″ is 800×400.  I think 1024×600 is a good compromise for a device this size.

        • Anonymous

          If the screen is good, i am sure HP will do well.

          Sent from my Windows Phone

  • Anonymous

    With windows 7, plus pen. it looks like a serous tablet for work and school.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gavin-Fielke/719127993 Gavin Fielke

    HP made what was arguably the first slate and it ram a full MS OS so I am looking forward to what they will be doing with this unit.

  • http://twitter.com/HckrAdm2005 Adam

    Looks good but i’m still not sold with windows 7 on a tablet let alone on a Atom processors (I’ve worked on pc’s with atom processors and was not impressed (yes they were the tiny PC’s and laptops and yes they had More then sufficient RAM)). 
    From what i have been seeing with windows 8 on laptops running around the same specs as the slate 2 (you tube videos) this tablet would be great for it. So far Microsoft’s promise for windows 8 to run on less hardware requirements then windows 7 is true. If HP turns around and sells this with windows 8 I would get it in a heart beat. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/geordie.glazer Geordie G Glazer

    I love my first gen slate, it’s used for several hours every single day. It’s become this IT managers main device for home and work for almost a year now. It’s rock solid, quick, and very reliable. I don’t have very many issue with Windows 7 as a touch interface though it does become tedious at times. 

    This refresh from HP though is a little lacking. It’s definitively not worth it to upgrade, especially with Windows 8 right around the corner. Note that this device will not be upgradable to Windows 8 properly as the screen resolution is too small. I run Win8 preview and have had to modify my native screen resolution to make it work and it is now a little stretched and squished. 

    I’d love to know what the password policy for companies that use this device is, as it’s a HUGE pain in the but for me to enter my complicated alpha numeric password every time I wake it from sleep. I wish it had a bio-metrics scanner. One that would work on a windows domain. I know that’s a dream that won’t come true for a while. But it’s honestly the biggest problem with this device. It’s supposed to be used in a secure work environment and the upgrades obviously support that, but in the end they’re all worthless as most users will simplify their passwords in order to make this device easier to use. And as a result making the entire corporate network much less secure.

    I give this upgrade a thumbs down. This is just a way for HP to keep using us as beta testers for the their upcoming windows 8 slate line up and to keep visible in the tablet market.

  • http://www.facebook.com/geordie.glazer Geordie G Glazer

    Seriously? My post was removed? Censored my post? Come on I didn’t even say anything bad, in fact I said how much I enjoy using my current slate. This site is a sham!!

    • Anonymous

      Your post was removed ?? We haven’t moderated any post here at ms-news.