HP Announces Mainstream Detachable Laptops Starting $599: Pavilion11 x2 And Pavilion13 x2

HP Pavillion 13 X2

HP today announced two mainstream touch notebooks, Pavilion 11 x2 and HP Pavilion 13 x2. Both the models are detachable PCs running on Intel Atom processors, 4GB of RAM, up to 128GB of flash storage, 1,366 x 768 IPS display. The HP Pavilion 11 x2 is available in Pearl White, Flyer Red and Sparkling Black. The HP Pavilion 11 x2 features dual 1,080p HD webcams that allow users to create and enjoy video.

The HP Pavilion 13 x2 will offer upto full-size HD touchscreen display with in-plane switching technology or use built-in Intel Wireless Display (WiDi) in select models to easily connect to a WiDi-enabled TV or monitor to share images and videos. Equipped with either the latest-generation accelerated AMD A6 processor or new Intel Core processors, SSD storage and 4GB of RAM.

HP Pavilion13 x2:

HP Pavilion13 x2 brings together a powerful notebook and versatile tablet to double the value you get from a single PC, delivering excellent performance wherever you go. Do more in less time with Windows 81 and an AMD processor. With up to 500GB of additional storage (optional HDD in dock), you’re ready to go. Dual batteries (one in the keyboard dock and one in the tablet) give you the power to break free from the hunt for an outlet when you’re on the go.

This notebook will be available starting at $599.99 in November 2013

HP Pavilion11 x2:

You get the best value with the HP Pavilion11 x2, a 2-in-1 detachable that adapts to your busy life. Write emails, do homework, or enjoy creative projects on a notebook, and then easily detach the display for a tablet that keeps you connected. Capture all the details with vibrant clarity. Enjoy clearer, brighter web chats, thanks to a front-facing HP TrueVision Full HD Webcam and a rear-facing Full HD camera.

This notebook will be available starting at $599.99 in November 2013

  • ale91g

    :-/ that resolution…

  • Willem Evenhuis

    That name: detachable laptops (sigh).

    • Yuan Taizong

      Agreed, they should’ve called them Tablet+P.C.’s or something, *haist*.

  • Bugbog

    Making the same “error” as Samsung! In order to ‘protect’ their [non-existent] Android tablets, they aren’t really putting an effort into being competitive on the Window’s side.

    Most of the stuff they’ve released (for Window’s) comes across as standard developmental fare, no ‘wow’ factor! No comparable tablets on the Window’s side to compete in size & price with their Android fare.

    (Meaning that, for the next quarter at least, they’ll continue to chase the rainbow!)

    • DKJr

      Totally agree with you. Surface so far seems to be the only sensible option with the right specs especially the Pro 2 but seems to be slightly overpriced.

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  • DKJr

    This just confirms why MS should get very serious about Surface brand and range of tablets. These previously reliable OEMs are just losing it. MS just needs to price their Surfaces right and take W8.1 to the next level. To counter the Intel Atom options they could release an 8″ Tablet with Baytr