HP Announces Upgraded HP Split x2 Detachable Windows PC

HP Pavilion X2

HP today announced upgraded HP Split x2 detachable Windows device that enables users to shift effortlessly from work to play by combining tablet portability with notebook productivity in a sleek, lightweight device. It comes with a powerful Intel Core processor, a 10-point touchscreen display and an ultra-quiet fanless design, the HP Split x2 combines power and portability with the Windows 8.1 OS. It comes with an optional dual battery system—one battery in the base and one in the tablet—users can easily switch from notebook to tablet and back on this 13.3-inch detachable PC.

The HP Split x2 is expected to be available in the United States on June 29 for a starting price of $599.99.

  • Drewidian

    While I prefer the Dell Venue Pro 11, its good to see HP making another 2-in-one device. It just needs a desktop dock that has the capability to drive 2 external 1080p monitors and it will be a decent option for consumers to upgrade from their desktop and laptops.

  • NegLewis

    They need to move the PC part into a dock and the laptop part into a keyboard.

    Tablet + Keyboard == Laptop.
    Tablet + Dock or Tablet + Keyboard + Dock should be as powerful/useful as a regular PC.

    They need to move the fan into the keyboard or into the dock.
    They need a next generation FAN – blade-less.

    Both Keyboard and Dock need to be wireless paired.
    When near each other (Tablet + Keyboard and Dock) I should be able to use them. Use the Wired printer, mouse, second display…

    • Avatar Roku

      This PC has no fans in it, what are you talking about