HP Announces World’s First Laptop With Integrated Leap Motion Technology

HP Leap Motion Envy 17
HP today announced their holiday line-up of PCs and tablets. The most interesting device is the new HP ENVY17 Leap Motion SE notebook. This is the world’s first laptop with leap motion built-in. It senses your natural, in-air movements for fast and accurate navigation and control.

The HP ENVY17Leap Motion Special Edition (SE) is the world’s first notebook with integrated Leap Motion technology. HP is shaping the way people engage with technology with this innovative PC that senses natural hand and finger movements in the air for easy navigation and control, offering pinpoint accuracy to make games, modeling and presentations come to life. With a vivid 17.3-inch diagonal optional full HD display, movies and videos are sharp and clear. The latest Intel processors and NVIDIA graphics provide a faster and more responsive experience.

This device will be available starting at $1049.99 in October 2013.

  • Guest

    Really don’t understand why MS didn’t come out with something similar themselves or buy Leap prior to the release of W8. Having that embedded in every PC was a no-brainer to showcase the new OS on devices that aren’t touch, and MS could have made a nice chunk of change via selling or licensing it to OEMs.

    • reKitab

      M$ has already Kinect!

    • nohone

      Because if that were to happen, we would have thousands of people on the internet complaining about the NSA, and how Microsoft is trying to use every new computer to steal your voice and image. All while other companies having video cameras and microphones is perfectly fine because they are perfect angels and would never use your data in a way that you would want and they are all about protecting your data from governments and people you do not want to see your data.

    • donzebe

      The leap motion still have a long way to go, is a great idea but not there yet. Microsoft should concentrate on shrinking Kinect to work on smaller devices.

  • Yuan Taizong

    This is awesome, but Windows 8.1 (Blue) will make every web-cam into this with Bing Food & Drink.

  • donzebe

    Waiting for one with a Kinect, I got the Leap motion since July, still figuring how to get it work as described.