HP Continues To Promote Windows 7 PCs Even After Two Years Of Windows 8 Release

In a recent email promotion sent to consumers, HP is promoting its PCs with the line “Windows 7 PCs on sale, just in time for school.” Also, several Windows 7 PCs are still on sale at HP’s website. This is not the first time HP was found to be actively marketing 5 year old OS. Earlier this year, HP started promoting on its homepage on sale of Windows 7 PCs with a huge marketing message “Back on popular demand.”

At the time HP clarified that they are trying to give choice to the customers,

Whether you’ve been reading the tech news blogs – or just saw an ad on our HP Shopping page, you’ve probably been asking yourself, “Why is HP selling Windows 7 PCs in a Windows 8 world?” The answer is dead simple: Choice. We like giving our customers the option to get the computer that’s right for them.

Do you think HP should stop selling Windows 7 PCs? Microsoft released Windows 8 back in 2012, followed by major update Windows 8.1 in 2013. Microsoft has even ended the sales of Windows 7 as a standalone OS to general consumers. Most of the PCs from all the OEMs now comes with Windows 8/Windows 8.1 pre-installed.

Source: Recode

  • eharris560

    Why would people even trust them after the whole webOS thing.

  • UMovies

    the computer laptop im on now is a hp, my desktop is an hp, my laptop before this one was a hp well one of them was but after this hp they’ve lost me the decisions they’ve made and are making will have them bankrupt in a year or so, they are the next blackberry

  • sloppyslim
  • Screw Gooogle

    Look around, HP is hardly the only entity doing this. Reason is pretty obvious. Enough people have trashed Windows 8 (properly or improperly) that now much of the general public are avoiding machines because they have Windows 8.
    I suspect everybody (Microsoft, OEMS, users) cannot wait for Windows 9 come this spring so we can get rid of stupid “avoid the current version of Windows at all costs” mentality.

    • Bugbog

      I think, to a particular degree, most of the PC OEM’s have gotten what they deserve (i.e. low YoY PC sales). They deliberately (in a concerted fashion?, or otherwise) created push-back and anti-Windows 8 hysteria for self-invested reasons (no desire to move forwards, change in design thinking, lack of easy continuity with added bloatware from which they derive additional revenue, etc).

      Well the result of that is a general PC downturn regardless of O.S. version. Simply ‘blaring’ that new PC purchasers, outside of businesses/consumers that actually require Win7 compatibility or specifically wish to purchase it, does a disservice to the general consumer. IMO.☺

  • xma1e

    seriously don’t understand the fuss over windows 8!

  • Asgard

    “Do you think HP should stop selling Windows 7 PCs?”
    If I remember right the extended period to sell 7 to consumers was until October. So its their last chance to do this. After this they can only sell 8.

  • grs_dev

    Hey if I owned a couple of Bakeries and my customers were going to pass on Bakery #1 only to go to Bakery #2, I call that a good day any day of the year…