HP Envy x2 convertible Windows 8 laptop/tablet coming this December


HP has unveiled the HP Envy x2, a 1.8 Ghz Atom z2670 tablet with docking cradle that together make a pretty good Windows 8 laptop that is still less than an inch thick and weights only 3 pounds, a bit earlier but not the ship date.

The device comes with the now usual 11.6 inch 1366×768 IPS screen and 64 GB SSD, and with a 8 megapixel rear camera and 1080p front camera.

It has 2 GB of RAM and Beats Audio with Dual Speakers and multi-band WIFI and also NFC.


HP has still not revealed the price, but has now said the device will e available in December, which should make it a good stocking stuffer for the new Windows 8 user.

See the specs and register your interest at HP here.

Thanks Benjamin for the tip.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Peter-Bannor/715701807 Peter Bannor

    This in my opinion is the best looking of the first wave of Windows 8 devices. If only it have a Core i5 and by extension a 1080p screen. I’m hoping they release one of that nature come 2013 because I would be all over that like a rash. To me it’s just as beautiful as the Surface which I will be getting but in Pro form. Would love to add this to the mix as well. Maybe with an even bigger screen for home use that could still detach from the dock and then take the Surface Pro with me to Uni. Ah the possibilities =]

    • Avatar Roku

      Agreed, Envy x2 has the most impressive design and build quality of any Windows 8 tablet I’ve seen thus far.

    • Blattlaus

      +1 – I do think that with an i5 or i7 there is no way they could get the thinness and battery life this has. The tablet section on this is 8.5mm compared to 12.5mm for the Surface Pro

  • tkadrum

    Seriously? USB 2.0?

    • http://twitter.com/dawkins_ricardo Ricardo Dawkins

      it is an Atom. Want USB 3.0? Get a Core tablet.

  • NegLewis

    I am hoping for a Dual Core Tablet that can Double (x10) it’s power using an external Dual Core (from the Dock)…(or … dreaming – from another tablet).

    Want more power for your tablet PC – use extra.

  • tN0

    How thin and heavy is the tablet?

    • Avatar Roku

      8.4mm thin and 680g (1.5 lbs).
      This is by far the best tablet hybrid in it’s class. I track this stuff very closely.

    • alukard

      Check out the Asus Vivo tab

  • blackhawk556

    How does the tegra 3 on surface compare to this processor? I know tegra is arm, but do they compete or does one get smoked?

  • Bugbog

    Trailing in the reveal stakes?!