HP has new campaign for Windows 8 devices featuring “People making it matter”

imagePresumably in an effort to show buyers how a new Windows 8 device will fit into their life, HP has produced a new series of videos showing the devices used by rather dynamic people in the real world.

In the above video we have HP asked Michael Daube, executive director at CITTA, trying the HP ENVY x2.

The video interestingly portrays the device as Laptop Plus, rather than a tablet with a keyboard, which in the early stages may be the best way to sell a Windows 8 hybrid.

See another video in the series, showing Tiffany Cruikshank, yoga teacher and acupuncturist, trying the HP ENVY TouchSmart Ultrabook, below.

Do our readers think HP is now doing a better job selling their PCs running Windows 8? Let us know below.

  • Davey

    The Yoga video had me bored senseless.

  • Gladiatorza

    This video is not a TV spot advert, without knowing the intended audience (Conference filler, enterprise sales, etc.) for this video, it’s almost impossible to judge its effectiveness against its target market.

    As a youtube video, this is pretty dry.

  • AS147

    Are you guys missing the point? These two adverts alone beat almost every other advert that has come out about Windows 8 so far. Its exactly what it should be about which is lifestyle and improving your every day experiences not technology.

    They are not TV spots (too long) but nothing stops them being summarised to be that if HP so wishes.

    MS take note, a 30 second slot of either of these will do your brand the world of good.

    Looks like HP have already thought of this http://youtu.be/XY6BDDs-Ctw
    The above link says it best “I want to have this technology as PART OF MY LIFE
    No tech speak whatsoever but all about aspiration.
    Get these adverts out quick!!