HP Omni, HP Announces Its First 10-inch Intel Bay Trail Tablet

HP Omni 10


HP today announced its first 10-inch Windows 8.1 tablet powered by latest Intel Bay Trail processors to deliver improved performance and graphics. HP is yet to reveal the price, but it is expected to be available by November 2013 in the US. It will also come with full HD display, Office 2013 pre-installed and will offer upto nine hours of battery life.

The HP Omni10tablet provides robust performance with an Intel Atom Z3000 processor and Windows 8(2)Equipped with Microsoft®Windows Office 2013, side-by-side app viewing and up to nine hours of battery life,(3)the HP Omni10can keep up with even the busiest work schedules.

I expect the price to be around $399 – $499.

  • Yuan Taizong

    As much as I’d love to have one, a smaller one would’ve been cheaper, thus more within in my price-range *haist*.

  • donzebe

    Great, news, let the OEM flood the market with Windows Tablets. They should start coming out with some $200 to 300 too for the KIDs.

  • kalval

    Hoping the full HD turns out to be true this time (the 8″ dell was rumoured to be full HD but turned out to be 1280×800). I’m never buying another 1366×768 device, even 1280×800 is too low for 8″ devices.