HP Promotes PCs Running Windows 7 On Its Home Page

HP Windows 7 PC

Microsoft released Windows 8 back in 2012, followed by major update Windows 8.1 in 2013. Microsoft has even ended the sales of Windows 7 as a standalone OS to general consumers. Most of the PCs from all the OEMs now comes with Windows 8/Windows 8.1 pre-installed. HP has recently started promoting on its homepage on sale of Windows 7 PCs.With a huge marketing message “Back on popular demand”, HP is trying to sell a 5 year old OS to its customers.

Even though other OEMs are also selling Windows 7 PCs, they are not promoting the way HP does. What do you think of HP’s marketing strategy? Will more people buy HP PCs because of Windows 7?

Source: HP via: Neowin

  • sadiq

    Ridiculous sales wont increase bcoz of windows 7,its general trend of people opting smartphone and tablet.Its not failure of windows 8

    • Nham Thien Duong

      Exactly, H.P. is just trollin’ themselves and Microsoft, offering an archaic less functional O.S. because the sales of the latter aren’t doing it because of various market forces that they cannot comprehend, H.P. is an insult to the P.C. industry, I’m sticking with Acer/Packard Bell.

  • sejgiul

    I thought HP only sold XP PC’s lol. Seriously though, this is typical of HP. Ridiculous business moves that make zero sense… They’ll be the next big company to go down, followed closely by Scroogle

    • UMovies

      hp is losing there minds

  • NegLewis

    HP ! Wake TF up! What’s selling now? Small Tablets!!!
    Build a 6-8″ W8.x Tablet (HDMI, 2 USB 3.0, SD, Slim)

    Not Gorilla Glass.
    Quality Plastic.
    6-8 hours (replaceable) battery – hot swap. (1000 mA build in – + Another battery In-back-case-incorporated)
    WiFi, MiDi, BlueTooth, 3.5 Jack, 2+2 mics, E/3G, SD

    Toshiba Encore/Dell/Assus sells those 8″ tablets like crazy…

    • Bugbog

      Nope. As usual they are going to miss out, and in another two years are going to start crying about other factors causing their lower profit margins!

    • deathdealer351

      Asus sold buckets of t100 tabs for $299 over black Friday.

      yes its not win7 people want its quality tabs at a reasonable price.

  • Malcolm Williams

    lol paul thurrott was right
    windows 8 is tanking and hard

  • Asgard

    Haha, they even make people think they save $150 because it runs W7 instead of W8.1. The fact is that the cost of the OS is exactly the same and people will just break their free upgrade path. In a couple of years W7 is as old as Vista is now, next year its 3 generations old.

  • jimski27

    It just proves HPs inability to market products. And another reason for Microsoft to accelerate their device & services division.

  • jaylyric

    All I can do is shake my head at HP.. Stupid. The problem is more HP then W8..

  • wemiller53

    Is it any surprise that HP is tanking? Here is a great example of desperation. If HP were in the automotive industry they would be advocating buggy whips. I used to be a fan of HP but boy has that changed!

  • SategB

    This is terriablely telling if the markets view on Windows 8 and the failure it has been. Except a few of us fanboys no one wants it.

    My insiders at MSFT telling me that among themselves they are calling Windows 8 “New Vista” while everyone polishes up their resumes :(

    • Herb_Eaversmells

      Lmao @ your “insiders”.

  • tomakali

    Apparently, some zombie ate HP-Management staff’s brains…

  • tropolite

    Yep, it’s funny how there are companies that have vision for the future and then there’s others that always look backward. Look at Lenovo, bringing out some quality devices, notebooks, tablets and being named the PC manufacturer of the year. With innovations and thought going into their new devices, case in point, the new Thinkpad 8″, omg that is sweet, they are looking forward.
    HP history is history. Stop reminiscing, you can’t afford to. Think outside the box, innovate and take hold of what the future brings, run with it, and market that! Or we will be reminiscing, ‘…you remember when HP used to be around?’ Just saying…

  • Mythos88

    I think it is a good move. I’m glad there is a touch version of Windows for my Surface but I’m not too thrilled with Windows 8 and I certainly wouldn’t want it on my desktop. If Metro-mode was an optional area I could go to when I’m in the mood for casual activity then it would be a cool edition to a Windows Desktop OS. But don’t try to ram it down my throat and certainly don’t make me try to use it as my main menu because it’s 10x harder to manage than the Start button ever was.

    • Guest

      Yes Windows 8 on desktop is like trying to learn to ride a bike in a full pool … I suppose it could work but why bother

  • grs_dev

    The laptop as we know it as a consumer targeted device is dead. Maybe there is still use for it in the Enterprise. But for a home user, the device that makes most sense is a hybrid laplet (laptop/tablet). It also has to be priced in such a way that makes sense. Until that happens the so called PC manufacturers will continue to spiral out of control and wonder why

    • LexicoRed

      The functionality of tablets will continue to increase as software matures which will makes the use case for laptops pretty close to non-existent.

  • Antonioerre

    This is a naive attempt at porting old XP enterprise/business user into Windows 7 in order to sell more PCs. The fact is that MS does not sell anymore Windows 7 copies, so HP is just marketing their old unsold copies of Windows 7. Just that, imho.

  • Adrian

    W7 will not save HP. Lenovo is doing well with W8 by building better products. You can look at the whole HP Chromebook fiasco as a example, they made chargers that can burn up your house.