HP talks about the design of their ElitePad 900

imageIn the above video we have HP’s Vice President of Design Stacy Wolff talking about the evolution of the design of the HP ElitePad 900.

In the 13 minute video he goes through the numerous iterations of the deign process, some of them very attractive tablets which will ultimately not make it to market.

Wolff said the final version of the HP ElitePad 900 is a "very clean design" which incorporate NFC and other antenna on the back and makes the left and right sides as slim as possible. He also shows off the tablet’s Smart Jackets, which adds more hardware features while also serving as a case for the ElitePad 900.

No pricing is available yet.

Via Neowin.net.

  • Bugbog

    Interesting. A well thought integrated business placement device. Both mobile, and as an in office desktop replacement, (No more, er..I’m not at my desk, I don’t currently have access to my files! :) )

  • inyourbase

    OEMs need to do more of this – talk about your product. Talk about what you did, what was behind the design process, show us the designers, let them speak. There are some great ideas out there at the moment, but no one is talking about design. Surface the biggest exception.

  • koenshaku

    HP has the worst innovation on the market its called “see what apple does”.

    • kfield

      Apple doesn’t have anything like the ElitePad 900 or W8 on the market.

      • koenshaku

        I was referring to the design and I am sure the specs will be anemic with a low res display. I don’t buy HP products because they’re the cheap and full of bloatware and usually under spec of competition and made with no thought to them. Every other hybrid tablet announced looks better than this or at least it is more original this thing looks like the first ipad.

  • Joe_HTH

    Can anyone tell me why this tablet has such a shitty screen resolution? That alone kills my interest in an otherwise nice looking product.

    • symbolset

      Because they didn’t know their software partner was so retarded?

  • Joe_HTH

    Can anyone tell me why this tablet has such an awful screen resolution? It’s resolution is not even high enough to take advantage of Windows 8 snap features.

    • Truthhz

      It looks like this is aimed mainly at business market…which is too bad. I think the curved glass prototype should have been made. Take some chances HP. “Cost prohibitive” shouldn’t be a barrier if you want to stay the #1 PC maker.

      • http://twitter.com/Kruemmelmonster Kruemmelmonster

        For business customers, its in the end, all about cost and usability. Not about fancy resolution 😉

        • Truthhz

          They could have made both. This is just uninspired work by HP. HP say hello to second place while Lenovo blows by you.

    • TruthDetector

      “It’s [sic] resolution is not even high enough to take advantage of Windows 8 snap features.”

      Can anyone tell me why illiterates attempt written communication?

      Their literacy rate is not even high enough to take advantage of their birth language.

  • techieg

    Well, I am yet to ee anything from OEMs that actually matches the Surface in innovation and design. Surface has all its I/O built right on and still remains thinner and sleeker, has its keyboard/touchpad built into its cover and has a display port too so one can put it away behind monitors instead of on a dock that you actually do not need when you have external monitors. OEMs need to do better, its funny that a software company is actually delivering better hardware innovation than hardware OEMs. OEMs need to understand that if they do not sell, its all their fault. I foresee the Surface outselling all current OEM tablets. I can’t wait for the Surface.