HP Will Continue To Integrate Beats Audio Technology In Its High-end PCs Through 2015

HP Beats Partnership

Five years back, HP and Beats Electronics, LLC, announced an alliance to achieve higher-quality sound from digital music through technology innovation. Starting from that announcement, HP has released no.of PCs, Laptops, Desktops with Beats Audio technology built-in. Over the years, Beats audio has become one of the unique features in HP devices. As Apple today announced the acquisition of Beats Electronics, HP’s partnership has come to an end. However, HP confirmed today that it will continue to integrate Beats Audio technology in its high-end PCs through 2015.

HP is allowed to continue developing products with new Beats Audio technologies through 2014. But it’s allowed to continue selling devices with the Beats Audio logo and technology through 2015. HP says it’s planning an aggressive lineup of new products that includes the Beats branding through 2014. These products will have the full Beats Audio experience, the company says. Currently, Beats technology is included in about 15 percent to 20 percent of devices sold by HP.

via: CNET

  • Bugbog

    Better make Hay while the sun still shines!

  • Smith

    I wouldn’t buy HP anyway but with Apples owns beats now I have even better reason to not buy HP with beat brands computer.

    • LexicoRed

      That is just silly, if HP offers the best solution to a person needs then they should not let this effect the purchase; HP low quality and poor customer service is enough reason though.